Larry Norman’s Long Trip is Over

Rock pioneer Larry Norman died at the age of 60.  I have been an appreciater of his art for years now.

His records were burned, he was friends with Janis, the Christian Hippy stood the test of time and brought 60s rock into the forefront of Christianity.  He was a rebel and a scabbard, yet he had an uncharacteristic love of the lost.  He was truly a Jesus Freak.

This man’s lyrics still inspire a generation later.  Anyone that claims Christ and weilds a guitar needs to thank this man.  We are all in debt to him, and we all need to respect what he did during that crazy time in American history.

He was no perfect soldier, but he was a willing follower of Christ.  When he came upon the scene, no one else sang of loving Jesus and rock and roll.  The church was afraid of his long hair and anti-war message.  The world was afraid of his message of truth and the shine that was Jesus Christ reflected upon his walk that they couldn’t ignore.

Thank God that he brought Larry when he did.  He’s up in heaven having a grand old party with Moses and Paul and he’s hoping the rest of us will be ready.


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