Trust God

Amidst all the turmoil that is going on in the world right now, take heart and realize that God is in control.

We as Americans have had a pretty good life for the most part, with some bumpy roads.  Sure, history has shown some terrible times, whether under various corrupt presidential administrations (Harding, Kennedy, anyone?), or through economic woes, wars, and even great impoverishment, we have been there before.

Looking at the current events, it may be hard to have a positive outlook.  While the world is determined to unify and go down that slippery slope, this is a time when we as Christians need to trust God.  This is only the beginning.

We should be the ones who are financially responsible.  Too many Christians have way too much Credit Card debt.  I myself was in that trap a few years ago.  To use a credit card to survive is like slapping God in the face.  So, in terms of economics, let us be the responsible ones.

We should not be so quick to support a war simply because a pro-life president wants it.  This war in Iraq has solved nothing.  Dictators have existed for sometime now, and currently exist not even 90 miles away from our shores.  Stop being duped into lies, people!

God is to be trusted.  After all, He has the strength like no other, and is not equaled in intelligence.  He is not in despair.  While the world is going down the toilet, God has a plan even today, even for you.

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