Blanking the IRS

I’m going to be sending out a check tonight to the IRS.  Yay.

Please excuse me if I seem a little cranky.  It is never fun giving away my hard-earned money to money grubbing bums.

Yes.  Liberals.  You get what you vote for.  More taxes = less commerce.  Figure out the simple math logic.  Less taxes = more money to give to charities of worth.

On my way to drop off the check, I’ll also be voting NO on raising the town school budget.  No thank you.  The public school system has no concept of budgeting, and does not deserve 15 or 20 million more to go into.  My property taxes are already at astronomical levels, that I cannot afford the township to come around to reassess them at a higher rate.

Now, if Americans would get rid of the “gimme, gimme” attitude that they hold, we’d probably be a thousand times better off.  Instead of electing do-nothing politicians that sit around boasting about their yachts out on the cape, maybe we should abolish their salaries and elect people that actually want to serve this country for the betterment of it.

If most of us took the example of the government, we’d all be out on the streets.  You can’t live beyond your means accruing more debt.  On the same token, when you gain more debt, this does not give you the right to go and steal your neighbor’s hard earned cash.

I say start by ridding ourselves of the following programs and institutions:

Department of Agriculture
Department of Education
Drug Enforcement Agency
Homeland Security
War on Drugs
War on Terror
State College and University Funding

And, we should move the capital to Indianapolis or some other mid-western state.  Washington D.C. is at a point of no return.



One Response to “Blanking the IRS”

  1. eric Says:

    If you look closely to the two word phrase “The IRS”

    combining those two words makes the word “Theirs”

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