Hawks Are Silencing Celtics Fans (and the critics)

I am at a loss. The Celtics should be gearing up for the next round of the playoffs right now. Instead, they are gearing up for at least two more games with the Atlanta Hawks.

Yesterday’s 4th quarter was terrible. The Celtics came in with a ten point lead, but that was quickly erased with 5 quick ones. I’m sorry, but if they play so well during the season only to lose in the first round, then the entire season was a joke.

This coming off of a sweep by the Rays. The Red Sox batters have been largely quiet the last week or so. Some phenomenal efforts by the pitching (excluding the bullpen), but crickets on the bats.

Well, I hope the Celtics can turn this around. I would love to see a Celtics vs. Lakers finals.


2 Responses to “Hawks Are Silencing Celtics Fans (and the critics)”

  1. eric Says:

    Lakers – Celtics. Sounds like a rematch from the mid 80’s. That was the last time I followed Basketball to any extent.

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    Right on. I remember those days (to some extent) when Larry Bird was the biggest trash-talker in the NBA and Magic was the king.

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