Weekend Recap

Friday –

– Went out to eat with the wife and kid, I think.  At this point, Friday is already blurring.  I hardly remember ye.

Saturday –

– This is sad.  I hardly remember Saturday too.  Oh wait.  Now I remember.  Wife and I drove around eventually ending up in Madison, NJ.  We stopped at the newish Stop & Shop (grand opening for the recent expansion).  Had some lunch from the deli, it was good.  She had some kind of chicken sandwich thingy with strange topping, I had a ham salad sandwich and lived to regret it.  Kirsten just wanted a roll with cheese.  She is on this cheese kick lately.  She got a balloon tied to look like a flower.  It lasted about an hour, and I think she hated the clown.

After which, we went over to my sister’s.  She made us some nice lasagna (my favorite Italian dish).  We brought the salad.  I tried a gross banana 99 proof drink.  Yuck.  Root beer was better.  Or, Diet Dr. Thunder.  That’s right!  We drink the Walmart sodas!  We watched ET.  It was on the tube, and we were all feeling nostalgic.  Drew Barrymore was still cute then.  Boy did she sure lose it growing up.

Sunday –

Went to church and I arrived 15 minutes late for parking lot duty.  I got a sorta lecture from one of the other guy, who I’m sure passed it on from up top (or close enough to the top).  He’s right.  I’m lazy sometimes, and with only one car, it is hard to get everyone going in the morning.  The sermon was ok, but I honestly don’t remember most of it.  I think the key point was that we should not be so focused on seeking out signs and wonders.  More stuff about the couple that died because they mislead the church about their givings, and a good joke about “Henny Binn”.

I came home from church and took a long nap.  So long, in fact, that I missed the Celtics shut the door on those poor Hawks.  Those poor little wittle Hawks.  Go home!

With the good news in my head, I felt inspired.  We rented a tiller and with the help of my brother inlaw, we turned my wife’s garden.  Yes, my neck and shoulders were very sore, but I was able to get the rototiller back in time (this morning at 7 am) to avoid the 24 hour fee.

Now here I am at work.  Soon to leave for home.  Maybe I’ll study for my exams.  I should.  I probably won’t.

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