Barbeque Weekend

My daughter turned two on Saturday.  To celebrate, we had an outdoor cookout.  Thanks to Ryan and Leah for lending me their grill.  I think I found a new love.  The grill is a natural habitat for modern suburban man, of which I am one.

Knowing that I didn’t feel like messing around with lighter fluid to get the coals hot, I decided to try out one of those BBQ chimney starters.  For five bucks from KMart, it was a sound investment.  After my astute wife figured out that the bottom of the chimney starter was intended to burn newspaper to warm the coals, we were soon cooking hamburgers and hotdogs.

Yesterday was Denville Day.  They estimated about 30,000 people showed up to enjoy the festivities.  I was impressed with the setup and the crowds.  The food was delicious (pulled pork BBQ sandwich).  My church, Calvary Chapel Morris Hills had a booth setup handing out free bottled water, Bibles, music, and pamphlets.  We hung out for awhile to escape the sun and to hand out some of the goodies.

Weekends like these are why we have weekends.


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One Response to “Barbeque Weekend”

  1. Leah Says:

    Haha! Mom and I got the pulled pork sandwiches, too. Sooooo good.

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