Liberals Land Grab

Here’s an example of a town taking private property (or at least attempting to) from a wealthy capitalist right outside Telluride.

The Colorado Supreme Court today ruled that parks and open space are so important in Colorado cities have the right to condemn property – even outside their borders – to prevent development on land officials want for the public. Here.

Colorado is a beautiful state. Unfortunately, I believe it has become overrun with a bunch of transplants from California, Oregon, and New York. The owner of the property (again is outside the town line of Telluride) proposed building some houses on 64 acres of his property and then giving the rest to the town for preservation purposes. Some local wealthy residents (liberals) want the land for their own purposes and opposed his idea.

So, the Co Supreme Court, (lined with the liberals’ money, obviously) decided that the 600 acres that this gentleman owns belongs to the town.

This is what you get folks. When you vote for crooks and liberals, you get a bunch of land-grabbing hogs set on stealing everyone’s hard earned wealth. Speaking of hogs, they must run things like Boss Hogg. After all, he was all set on stealing Uncle Jesse’s land more than once.



9 Responses to “Liberals Land Grab”

  1. chunque Says:

    Yeah, no conservative ever used eminent domain to take someone’s property. No city government ever evicted someone from land they owned so the city could develop a Wal*Mart shopping center. F-ing liberals!

  2. Ben Hoffman Says:

    Being a Colorado resident, I applaud the decision. Sometimes you have to do what’s in the best interest of the masses rather than the elite.

  3. eric Says:

    Ben – Is it best for the masses to let men use the womans bathrooms in Colorado? (SB200)

    California is voting today on Land Grab Legislation. The two Props that are somewhat similar to each other, but are authored by opposing groups, and therefor are making for some interesting commentaries.

  4. metaljaybird Says:

    Chunque. A true conservative would not leave his ideals to land grab someone’s property.


    You applaud the decision? I think the German masses thought it best to rid themselves of the Jews. I disagree with the Germans on that.

    Colorado’s gentrification issues and socialist leanings of late have turned a great state into a typical state.

  5. Ben Hoffman Says:

    Eric, SB200 won’t pass. You’re setting up a straw man just to be able to knock it down.

    Meta, that’s not even worthy of a response.

  6. eric Says:

    even so…does it serve the masses or just a few?

    please correct me…but if Gov Ritter has signed it, hasn’t it passed already?

  7. mjb Says:

    I believe my neighbor’s pool is better served as mine. Since those in my yard are in majority thought on this, I think I’ll wrap a fence around it and connect it to my yard.

    Are we socialists or anarchists that we begin to question who should own everyone’s property? Is it that complicated that you can’t figure out a man’s property was stolen from other men because his best interests didn’t serve their best interests?

    You are no Robin Hood in your support of this.

  8. Ben Hoffman Says:

    Okay, the land is owned by Neal Blue, who owns General Atomics. Here is a little background on General Atomics:

    General Atomics was the single biggest corporate underwriter of Congressional trips between January 2000 and June 2005, according to a nine-month study of congressional travel disclosure forms. The company spent more than $660,000 on 86 trips taken by members of Congress, their aides and families. Most of that was spent on overseas travel related to the unmanned Predator spy plane made by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems.

    The company said it had sponsored travel for members of Congress and their staffs “to promote enhanced understanding of General Atomics’ technology research and product development.” The company also noted that excursions were reviewed by “the appropriate Congressional ethics committees prior to travel.”

    In April 2002, for example, the company paid for Letitia White, who was then a top aide to Representative Jerry Lewis, and her husband to travel to Italy. White left Lewis’ office nine months later, to become a lobbyist at Copeland Lowery. The next day, she began representing General Atomics. Lewis, her former boss, was at the time chairman of the House Defense Appropriations subcommittee.

    They get a lot of their income by bribing politicians and exploiting power. Now they want to use that money and power to destroy a pristine region.

    That was a good decision by the CO Supreme Court.

  9. metaljaybird Says:

    What his company does is irrelevant to his private property ownership rights. That pristine region happened to be his. It is foolish to believe that the government will protect property.

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