Kobe Love Fest

Please, sports media. Stop it with the Kobe Bryant articles already! The love you have for this great basketball player is obvious. You do remember that there are 2 teams playing with 5 starters each, right? I read one article that stated Kobe was thirsty because he knows what it is to win it all, whereas the Celtics don’t have that thirst because they never experienced it. Right. Kobe has had enough to drink, the Big Three have parched lips.

I am rooting for the Celtics, but their run to the Finals was ugly and hard-fought but at times mixed in with complacency. If they continue like they did against the Hawks and Cavs, they won’t win. Lakers in 5. If they play like they did the entire season, it is anyone’s title to win.

The Kobe Love Fest will either be thought of as a curse or it will affirm the sports media’s sensation. For now, just realize that KG, RA, and PP are pretty darn thirsty for it. So is Boston, Ma.


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2 Responses to “Kobe Love Fest”

  1. khandor Says:

    Celtics in 7.


  2. metaljaybird Says:

    I hope so, khandor. I am a long time fan who was too young to appreciate 1986.

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