Celtics – Lakers Game 1

Ok, I spent 3 hours watching that game. 2.75 of these hours were spent anxiously waiting for the Celtics to either take it away or the Lakers to pull out ahead. The third quarter was one of the best quarters I have seen in NBA history. With Pierce apparently out the rest of the game, he comes in like Muhammad Ali entering the ring, and he was ready to fight.

The crowd. The crowd! They were so pumped it was electrifying. When the Truth walked in Jackson quickly called a timeout to try and tamper the crowd and the energy on the court. Garnett pumped a fist in the air yelling “Yes!” the place was hopping. The naysayers are claiming this to be an act. We’ll see. If Pierce does play but only as a shadow of himself, they’ll shut up. Hopefully, he isn’t seriously hurt, and if so, the other big men can step and lead.

What fun. The stupid video promos and TV timeouts really drag the game out. I can’t maintain staying up until 12. Hopefully we only have 3 more games to watch.


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