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Family Bible Study

June 5, 2008

Last night I was on my way to return a movie we rented from RedBox.  While looking through the movies, a thought occurred to me.  Lately we have been spending our evenings watching videos.  Nothing wrong with that, but I’m sure I could find something more useful to spend my nights with.  I think I had one of those God moments.  You know, those moments where you have a thought that is outside your usual thinking process.  “Why don’t you read the Bible with your family tonight?”

Okay.  So I played a few worship songs on the guitar, we sang, prayed, and read Joshua 2.  This is where the Hebrew spies are scoping Jericho.  Rehab (the Harlot) had hidden these spies, and when the government came knocking, she mislead the government.  A huge question my wife and I were discussing was if she was considered a liar because she lied to the officials.  I’m still trying to dig my way through this one.  We brought up the underground railroad, and how the engineers were breaking the law, but we believed they were answering to a higher authority.  They had to free the slaves, and had that right based on the principal that no man should be a slave.

After we finished, I came to the conclusion that God was right.  A family Bible study is a good thing.  I want my children to grow up knowing we tried everything we could to lead them to the Lord and live as shining examples of who Godly parents are.

Kobe Love Fest

June 4, 2008

Please, sports media. Stop it with the Kobe Bryant articles already! The love you have for this great basketball player is obvious. You do remember that there are 2 teams playing with 5 starters each, right? I read one article that stated Kobe was thirsty because he knows what it is to win it all, whereas the Celtics don’t have that thirst because they never experienced it. Right. Kobe has had enough to drink, the Big Three have parched lips.

I am rooting for the Celtics, but their run to the Finals was ugly and hard-fought but at times mixed in with complacency. If they continue like they did against the Hawks and Cavs, they won’t win. Lakers in 5. If they play like they did the entire season, it is anyone’s title to win.

The Kobe Love Fest will either be thought of as a curse or it will affirm the sports media’s sensation. For now, just realize that KG, RA, and PP are pretty darn thirsty for it. So is Boston, Ma.

Liberals Land Grab

June 3, 2008

Here’s an example of a town taking private property (or at least attempting to) from a wealthy capitalist right outside Telluride.

The Colorado Supreme Court today ruled that parks and open space are so important in Colorado cities have the right to condemn property – even outside their borders – to prevent development on land officials want for the public. Here.

Colorado is a beautiful state. Unfortunately, I believe it has become overrun with a bunch of transplants from California, Oregon, and New York. The owner of the property (again is outside the town line of Telluride) proposed building some houses on 64 acres of his property and then giving the rest to the town for preservation purposes. Some local wealthy residents (liberals) want the land for their own purposes and opposed his idea.

So, the Co Supreme Court, (lined with the liberals’ money, obviously) decided that the 600 acres that this gentleman owns belongs to the town.

This is what you get folks. When you vote for crooks and liberals, you get a bunch of land-grabbing hogs set on stealing everyone’s hard earned wealth. Speaking of hogs, they must run things like Boss Hogg. After all, he was all set on stealing Uncle Jesse’s land more than once.

Barbeque Weekend

June 2, 2008

My daughter turned two on Saturday.  To celebrate, we had an outdoor cookout.  Thanks to Ryan and Leah for lending me their grill.  I think I found a new love.  The grill is a natural habitat for modern suburban man, of which I am one.

Knowing that I didn’t feel like messing around with lighter fluid to get the coals hot, I decided to try out one of those BBQ chimney starters.  For five bucks from KMart, it was a sound investment.  After my astute wife figured out that the bottom of the chimney starter was intended to burn newspaper to warm the coals, we were soon cooking hamburgers and hotdogs.

Yesterday was Denville Day.  They estimated about 30,000 people showed up to enjoy the festivities.  I was impressed with the setup and the crowds.  The food was delicious (pulled pork BBQ sandwich).  My church, Calvary Chapel Morris Hills had a booth setup handing out free bottled water, Bibles, music, and pamphlets.  We hung out for awhile to escape the sun and to hand out some of the goodies.

Weekends like these are why we have weekends.