Hitler Christian?!?

A commenter recently stated:

Hitler was a devout Xian. He’s one of yours, not ours. You can deny it all you want, but head over to your favorite quotation web page and look him up. Stalin you say? Stalin’s problem with religion was about removing a rival powerbase. The gunmen were all Xian. Saddam and bin Laden had Allah on their side. Bush thinks Jesus told him to invade Iraq. Even if the wars were territorial, each side vehemently proclaimed that their god was on their side.

What?  This is news to me.  Did he follow Jesus’ example by loving their neighbor?  Did he turn the other cheek?  Was Hitler really a Christian?

No.  The truth is, Hitler was a secular atheist who used religion to promote his socialist government.  The national socialist.  Hitler’s buddy, Raushning stated, “You’re either a Christian or a German, you can’t be both.”

After all, I don’t recall God stating Mein Kempf as his Holy Word.  Well, evil old Hitler replaced the Holy Bible with his book in schools, and Nazism (not Christianity) was declared the state religion.  Besides, he massacred 1000s of Christians who either opposed the government, or helped their Jewish brothers.

Does this sound like someone who claims to be a Christian?

“‘It is through the peasantry that we shall really be able to destroy Christianity because there is in them a true religion rooted in nature and blood”.

Yeah, the neo-pagan himself, Adolph Hitler said that in reply to his disdain towards.  Hitler intended and is quoted as saying he is going to stamp out Christianity.  Hmm…that sure doesn’t sound like someone who abides by the Gospels.

No kiddos.  Hitler was a war mongering envious dictator who used religion to gain power, and once power was obtained, threw out his rhetoric and embraced his secular longings.

The point is, many claim to be Christians, but we all know we will know them by their fruit.  His fruit was rotten to the core.  No love for Christ there.


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2 Responses to “Hitler Christian?!?”

  1. martin Says:

    Since you quoted “It is through the peasantry that we shall really be able to destroy Christianity…” from “The Voice of Destruction” by Hermann Rauschning, I’m curious why you also did not cite Hitler’s simple quote on page 52, “I’m Catholic.”

  2. mjb Says:

    I’m not.

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