Kemper Crabb and Artistry

Growing up, I received the magazine HM (Heaven’s Metal) as a gift from my Uncle Mike.  Towards the back of the magazine, there used to be an article (and it may still be there, I need to resubscribe to HM) called The Christian & Art.  These were always interesting articles that ran deeper then the typical interviews and album reviews throughout the rest of the magazine.  From spirtuality to artistry in the Christian life, he obviously knew what he was talking about.

So, after reading the HM editor’s blog on his site, he mentioned Kemper and sparked a flood of memories.  Curious to see how he is doing, I checked out his site: http:\\  He is a pastor, and a worship leader traveling around with various messages and concerts. From the video here, his Christmas concert looks awesome:

Most notable was his solo album “The Vigil” which was appreciated by the likes of Kerry Livgren, SRV, and R. Wakeman.  Click here to order (and no, I’m not getting any money for this link).  Check out the reviews, nothing but solid admiration of this album.  I believe my Uncle had this one and spun it quite frequently back then.

He is also in the band Atomic Opera and Arkangel.

Basically, a man like Kemper seems to have no limits in creativity.  As a Christian, and especially as a musician, it is easy to become pigeon holed into one particular genre.  It is all too often rare that Christians are the ground breaking cutting edge individuals setting the standards for the arts and music.  Just listening to some of his music, I realize that I have a long way to go.



4 Responses to “Kemper Crabb and Artistry”

  1. Kemper Crabb Says:

    Hello. Kemper Crabb here. I was very honored to read your kind words about me.
    I am still writing my column for HM (currently a series on “Why Evangelicals Make Bad Art”…). I also have a Medieval Christmas special airing this Christmas season on PBS nationally. If you’d care to send me your address, I’d be happy to send you a gratis copy of the soundtrack. Again, thanks for your comments (though I think you wax hyperbolic).
    Pax Christi,
    Kemper Crabb

  2. Mike Bennett Says:

    Uncle Mike Here,

    Yes, the same uncle Mike that my nephew, Metaljaybird referred to in his comment. And yes, I did have “The Vigil” on vinyl (I still have it) and I am certain that I played it for my nephew when he was young. I still play it for people to this day and people who have never heard it before are amazed and want to know how to get a copy of it… in fact, this just happened in one of our cell-church meetings a couple of months ago when it was my turn to select the worship music and I chose to play cuts from “The Vigil” CD (I now have it on CD so that I can continue to listen to it on more modern stereo equipment). In addition, I very much enjoyed Atomic Opera! I especially like “Gospel Cola” and make reference to it from time to time when I speak with someone regarding the commercialization of Jesus (though at times, I feel I might be guilty myself of selling “Gospel Cola”), or what I also sometimes refer to as “Selling Jesus By The Pound” (a phrase which I owe at least some small amount of credit to the band “Genesis”). Though the artist, Kemper Krabb may feel that Metaljaybird does “wax hyperbolic”, those of us who are admirer’s of his work know that it is no hyberbole!

  3. metaljaybird Says:

    What’s up Uncle Mike? Fancy seeing you on my little blog.

    Kemper, thanks for your comment. I sent you the details, very much appreciated.

  4. Abraham Phillips Says:

    I really need the Warrior album for our Jesus outreach Is there a way to get it at a ministorial price or something? That album needs to be ressurected and bashing the devil’s face in again with it! We are at war and I’m sure in my heart you know this Kemper. I spoke to Glen Kaiser years ago and trust his ministry 100%. Hopefully the Warrior album can surface again and futher the Gospel now more than ever before. We really need that in the music arsenal again (original sound and all)! Your Bro-in-Christ 4-ever! Abraham

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