Animal Rights Terrorists

A young Alabama boy gains internet fame a year ago after shooting a prize wild pig, which weighed in over a 1,000 lbs.

Since then, his family has been hassled by a group of radical animal rights activists intent on causing both civil and physical harm to him and his family.

“You should see some of the emails and hear some of the calls we have received,” Jamison’s father said. “They are explicit. They tell how they are going to kill my son, like cutting his head off.”  Click here for the rest of the article.

I am not surprised.  The animal rights groups have long been hypocritical.  While claiming to love animals, they will stop at nothing to injure a fellow human being.  A fellow human being doing what is only natural.

Now, was this kid advocating the harm of other human beings when he legally badged that hog?  Was he bombing other nations for oil?  Nope.  He was out having a good time with his father, his father properly mentoring him, and he now faces death threats from people who claim to love animals.

I guess these people feel some wild hog is more important than a normal American kid.


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14 Responses to “Animal Rights Terrorists”

  1. Reno Says:

    The point of animal rights philosophy isn’t that the life of a hog is more important than a human boy, it’s that the idiotic entertainment of a human boy is no more important than the life of a hog.

    Animal rights groups have been responsible for precisely *zero* human or animal injuries in their attempt to protect animals from humans who routinely slaughter *billions* of animals every year for needless consumption. Who do you think is the exploiter here?

    Where do you think humans get the impression that it’s ok to invade other countries and treat people like commodities? Maybe it’s from the way we treat animals as though they don’t have feelings, lives, emotions, families, or a desire to live.

    We invade countries for oil because we think our interests are naturally more important than the interests of the people who live on top of that oil.
    Don’t you see the connection between the way humans exploit each other and the way humans exploit animals?

    Please do a little more research before you throw around the word “terrorist” without fully comprehending the reality of the situation.

  2. metaljaybird Says:


    So is it okay then to threaten a 12 year old boy because he decided to go hunting for sport?

    I seem to recall UCSC faculty member getting attacked by animal rights terrorists. Oh, I guess that was just a hoax. Or it doesn’t count.

    What are your feelings on human abortion?

  3. Tracy Says:

    It’s natural for children to murder innocent animals? I don’t think so. That’s how serial killers get their starts. Animal advocates espouse compassion for all living beings, including people.

  4. mjb Says:

    That’s how serial killers get their starts.

    How so? I thought serial killers got their start in porn. How do you feel about human abortion?

  5. eric Says:

    Video Games…that’s where serial killers get their start…or is it Oliver Stone movies

    As for invading other countries for oil, if that were the case, I wouldn’t be so happy about paying 4$ for gas. This isn’t a “billions” thing, rather one pig vs. a kid with a pistol…the odds were not in the kids favor. I’ve seen what a small pig can do when it’s hacked off.

  6. mjb Says:

    Good point, Eric. Though I do find it a little convenient that the only nations we find interesting for war are those blessed with a ton of oil.

    If anyone seriously believes Obama is going to change anything, they are going to be disappointed. Future bumper sticker:

    “Obama worse then Bush, who’da thunk?”

  7. eric Says:

    it probably got a little old going to war with only dictators, thugs and all around bad guys…it’s was time for a change

  8. Reno Says:

    MJB, let me put it this way: Is it ok for a twelve year old boy to threaten the life of a hog for sport? Don’t you think the hog (and indeed, all animals that humans are guilty of brutalizing) feel terrorized by our actions?

    According to The Animal Liberation Front’s own website:
    “One of the fundamental guidelines of the extreme activists is that great care must be taken not to inflict harm in carrying out the acts. This has been borne out in practice. On the very rare occasions when harm has occurred, the mainstream AR groups have condemned the acts.”

    In case I have not made it clear, the animal right’s movement does not seek to hold the interests of animals over the interests of humans, it seeks recognition that the interests of humans is not greater than the interest of animals – and indeed we are all animals carving an existence out on the same planet.

    The billions of animals that we enslave in factory farms are really just like we are. They have families, social groups, preferences, they experience joy, pain, loss, grief, stress, excitement, and comfort. We only think of animals as being inferior to us because we have decided that we want to eat them and use them to our benefit. The fact that we have brains that allow us to think about these issues does not mean that we are more important than animals who do not have this ability, and it certainly doesn’t mean that these animals don’t feel the same emotions that we do.

    It has been proven without question that the same grief, pain, and joy that we feel is exactly the same in non-human animals. How then can we justify causing that pain on them for our own benefit without considering that to be terrorist activity?

    The people who routinely sacrifice themselves to protect the interest of these animals are no different than the people who have risked their lives transporting slaves to safety, or liberating persecuted Jews from concentration camps during the Holocaust.

    The separation that we employ every time we look at a hamburger and don’t think of it as a crime scene, is the same separation that allows us to attack other humans for our own interests.

  9. metaljaybird Says:


    While your motives are admirable, I really have to disagree with you. I do think that we are commanded to tend to the earth and animals in a respectable manner, but it is clearly evident that we are superior.

    You are completely different than those individuals who risked life and limb protecting the Jews afflicted by the persecution of the German ranks. I would reconsider your opinion on that matter as it would be highly insulting to those who were there when it happened.

    Reno, what are your thoughts on human abortion?

    Also, why have you not condemned your compatriots who have threatened the life of this human boy?

  10. eric Says:

    for the record, I’m going fishing this weekend.

  11. Reno Says:

    There is a man named Charles Patterson who I think you would find very interesting. He is a Jewish man who has written a book called Eternal Treblinka which is about the relationship between animal exploitation and human exploitation.

    I cannot stress enough how little it matters that humans are of a “superior” mental capacity, the question is not whether animals can do algebra or write sonnets, the question is whether they can suffer the same way that we can, and the answer is unequivocally YES. We are obliged to honor that suffering by reducing it to the utmost of our ability.

    Causing an animal to suffer just to satifsy our taste buds is selfish, immoral, and unnecessary. Just like causing a human to suffer so we can claim the oil that they live over is selfish, immoral, and unnecessary. Don’t you understand the connection here?

    I question the efficacy of a campaign which targets one 12 year old boy, simply because it seems like a waste of resources when there are much larger people and organizations who deserve our attention.

    However, I ask you to think about it this way: What actions would you think would be appropriate if that little boy had murdered another person?

    Or if it helps you to understand, what if he had killed someone’s dog or cat?

    Taking a life is taking a life no matter the species. That pig had a family, just like all pigs. That pig had a will to live, just like all pigs. Just because he is a pig and not a human does not decrease the value of those interests. I would support any method of communication employed that would get that little boy to understand this fundamental fact to prevent him from committing more murders throughout his lifetime.

    It is a fact that people who abuse animals have a much higher risk for abusing people. The mental separation that allows people to view sentient beings as objects is one I would employ any non-violent means necessary to get people to understand.

    Threatening a young boy probably didn’t get him to question his actions, but perhaps he received a modicum of understanding that the value of that pig’s life was something that cannot be measured, and the fact that he took that life is deserving of consequence.

    My thoughts on human abortion align with my thoughts on spaying and neutering animals. It is not in the best interest of many species to continue propogating. To make more cats, dogs, people, chickens, etc. is actually detrimental to the lifelong survival of that species. While I don’t advocate for the murder of living human beings, I don’t believe it is harmful to terminate a life that has not yet begun.

    I realize this is probably a very divisive arena for you and I and I hope that you will not take my stance on abortion to discount the argument for animal rights. There is a big difference between an actual life and a potential life and while I don’t expect you to feel the same way, it is philisophically sound.

  12. metaljaybird Says:

    While I don’t advocate for the murder of living human beings, I don’t believe it is harmful to terminate a life that has not yet begun.

    So you place more value on a living pig than on a living unborn baby. Wow.


    Enjoy the fishing…let us hope you have a nice trophy catch to show off! Deep sea, river, lake?

    Reno, time is short today, but I will give a thorough answer to you in the near future, thanks.

  13. eric Says:

    taking the kids to Arrowhead for a few days. camping in the SoCal high country.

  14. metaljaybird Says:

    Oh, I loved Arrowhead. Stopped over on the way to Big Bear…definitely check out Big Bear if you have time!

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