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My favorite day trips

August 27, 2008

Over the years, I’ve grown accustomed to checking out daily stops on the web.  Here’s just a short list of sites that I can’t live without anymore:

Pandora – I was introduced to this February of 2007.  This is a totally customizable internet radio database.  Previously I used Yahoo’s launch to provide streaming music, but since becoming a Pandora user, I have not looked back.  No commercials, and a huge selection of music.  I created about 10 different stations to my preference.  This site runs all day, chewing up my bandwidth.

BostonDirtDogs – I go here for the latest on the Red Sox.  It was probably about 4 or 5 years ago when I was first introduced to BDD, and now this is set as my homepage on my home PC.

DrudgeReport – Matt Drudge has made millions linking articles from other sites.  He has the occassional lead before the MSM, some have caused him to become famous.  I didn’t witness the famous Bill Clinton Scandal, which he broke, but I did see the Swift Boat vet attack against John Kerry.  He has a lot of political sway.  Right now he seems to be favoring Obama.

StuffWhitePeopleLike – I’m white, and I like stuff.  Well, I’m not really the “right” kind of white person, as I’m libertarian with a more conservative stance, but this site is the ultimate in poking fun at the urban hipster cry baby.  And making fun of hipsters is funny.

WordPress – Well, duh.

PassiveAggressiveNotes – Pictures of passively aggressive notes left by co-workers, moms, students, teachers, etc.  This is more of a weekly stop, but some of the notes here are unbelievable.  I once had a lady leave notes on my car regarding my poor parking job.  She felt that I was taking up two spots and was being unfair to the rest of the neighbors.  This usually happened on trash night, so she failed to realize that the one spot that my tiny car could fit in was too large for the SUVs and trucks to fit when trash cans were in the street.  I wish I had saved them.  She managed to berate the entire state of NJ with one note.

BikeCommuters – A new passion of mine is bicycles.  This is how I usually get to work.  I enjoy reading about fellow bicycle enthusiasts’ daily adventures when riding to and fro work.  You would be surprised the amount of idiocy we note while on the saddle.

Wired – For the latest on news technology.  Unfortunately, as I posted here, this site has grown less tolerable as they try to evangalize Global Warming.  The same goes for C/Net.  I still go to these sites, but it is becoming harder to avoid their religious indoctrination attempts at GW.


A man comprises, when trying to please all.

August 25, 2008

I just read an article about Jay Bakker, the son of Jim Bakker, and the late Tammy Faye.  It seems he deems himself a punk rocker evangelist, and meets in a bar in Brooklyn.

As a poor white boy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, I can’t pretend to understand the kind of life he lived.  He certainly can’t be blamed for his father’s indiscretions.  While I admire his tenacity to go into the world, according to this recent article, it seems he has compromised his beliefs, accepting gay marriage and homosexuality.

Some lines do have to be drawn.  As a Christian, when another is down in the struggles of sin, it is not my job to hate.  It is my job to realize that Jesus did not compromise, but at the same time, he showed those in sin a love that is unmatched.  In the end, he always said, “Go, and sin no more.”

Jay Bakker believes that the church has hurt the gay community tremendously.  I agree.  Jesus said to come as you are.  We as Christians, have a duty to love those who are lost.  When the time comes though, I will let them know what the Bible says about their chosen lifestyles.  Yes, this isn’t pretty sometimes, but necessary.  No compromises when it comes to the Word of God.

I know those who were in the gay community and came out of it through God’s deliverance.  They realize that it is a sin like any other sin.  The choices they made have come with great penalties, if you will.  It isn’t a bed of roses to be celebrated in the Church.

Wait, in the words of Jay, we in the church are all bastards.  Well, that is a bit harsh, but I guess the point is taken.

Mr. Bakker is trying to please everyone.  We can’t please them all, is a true saying.  And we can’t ignore the Bible when it comes to sin.  Especially concerning the fellowship of those who are knowingly committing sin.  There is a judgment reserved for the worldly, and one for those who are Christians.  Reading 1 Corinthians, I note that Paul was firm on his fellow brothers in Christ, while maintaining a love for them.  He had a love for the lost also, realizing the two different judgments.

Idol Worshippers…

August 21, 2008

Meet your “God”.

I’m just saying…

Barack Obama

Umm…why does WordPress look like CL?

August 19, 2008

I just checked out this here blog’s front page and noticed the layout switched to a text based format.  Looks like Craigslist, if you ask me.  Could be my browser, but I tested my other blog and its layout was fine.

Free Speech?? Not the Fairness Doctrine. It gets worse…

August 14, 2008

This is the latest Drudge flash:

FLASH: RASMUSSEN Poll release at Noon Eastern:

47% Favor Fairness Doctrine for Radio, TV...

31% Want Government Requirement for Bloggers to Abide by Guidelines...

Do these 47% realize that the Fairness Doctrine would serve to undermine the U.S. Constitution by forcing radio and TV to present opposing sides to their perspective?  So if you as a bed-wetting Satanist have your own radio show, the Fairness Doctrine will require you to present in equal time, the opposing argument.

Plus, they want to expand it to bloggers!

What are these so called “Government Requirements” that we should abide by?  What is the point of the 1st Amendment?  Shall I use my 2nd Amendment rights to protect my 1st Amendment Rights?  Will I be able to use my 5th Amendment rights because my 1st Amendment rights were infringed upon?

I am convinced that Americans are growing stupid to liberty.

UPDATE:  I’ll add that like the previous legislation, the Fairness Doctrine (or whatever name the latest incarnation of FD will have) will likely be largely ignored by broadcasters.

Christian Universalism

August 12, 2008

I was recently introduced to the theology of Universalism.  Christian Universalism to be more specific.  I guess those who follow this theology believe that eventually all will be saved by God.  Even though they never accepted Jesus as their savior while alive on earth, eventually God will release them from the pits of hell granting them eternal life.

My problem with that:  Why would Jesus die?  Why did God sacrifice His Son, His perfect and holy Son only to end the punishment of denying Christ later on?

Christian Universalism sounds nice but it doesn’t add up.

Kerry Livgren and Dio

August 9, 2008

Kerry Livgren of Kansas is a Christian and wrote some cutting songs. Here is where he teams up with Ronnie Dio. Take a listen. This song is intense. Livgren is probably one of the best song writers while Dio has probably the most distinctive voices.

Because I’m in that kind of mood…

August 7, 2008

Christians and War

August 7, 2008

Is it permissable according to the Word of God for Christians to engage in acts of war?

You know, I seriously haven’t considered this before, but as a country that founded itself on Judeo-Christian principles, there were surely some Christians whether in leadership or in the lower ranks who fought against the British so that they could have independence.

On the other hand, Christ wasn’t the most violent guy to walk around.  Sure, he showed some righteous anger when clearing out the temple, but I don’t know that he actually killed any of them.

Then again, the Old Testament records plenty of wars that were condoned and commanded by God the Father.

Does this mean that we as Christians are allowed to go to war?  Or, following the example of Jesus and the Apostles, is worldly war a thing of the past for Christians?

And so it continues…

August 4, 2008

The world is convinced that Iran is the bad guy and we should all run in terror if they were ever to get their hands on nuclear missiles:,2933,396921,00.html

The Neocon ride is just beginning.  Don’t stand up, otherwise your head will get chopped off.