A man comprises, when trying to please all.

I just read an article about Jay Bakker, the son of Jim Bakker, and the late Tammy Faye.  It seems he deems himself a punk rocker evangelist, and meets in a bar in Brooklyn.

As a poor white boy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, I can’t pretend to understand the kind of life he lived.  He certainly can’t be blamed for his father’s indiscretions.  While I admire his tenacity to go into the world, according to this recent article, it seems he has compromised his beliefs, accepting gay marriage and homosexuality.

Some lines do have to be drawn.  As a Christian, when another is down in the struggles of sin, it is not my job to hate.  It is my job to realize that Jesus did not compromise, but at the same time, he showed those in sin a love that is unmatched.  In the end, he always said, “Go, and sin no more.”

Jay Bakker believes that the church has hurt the gay community tremendously.  I agree.  Jesus said to come as you are.  We as Christians, have a duty to love those who are lost.  When the time comes though, I will let them know what the Bible says about their chosen lifestyles.  Yes, this isn’t pretty sometimes, but necessary.  No compromises when it comes to the Word of God.

I know those who were in the gay community and came out of it through God’s deliverance.  They realize that it is a sin like any other sin.  The choices they made have come with great penalties, if you will.  It isn’t a bed of roses to be celebrated in the Church.

Wait, in the words of Jay, we in the church are all bastards.  Well, that is a bit harsh, but I guess the point is taken.

Mr. Bakker is trying to please everyone.  We can’t please them all, is a true saying.  And we can’t ignore the Bible when it comes to sin.  Especially concerning the fellowship of those who are knowingly committing sin.  There is a judgment reserved for the worldly, and one for those who are Christians.  Reading 1 Corinthians, I note that Paul was firm on his fellow brothers in Christ, while maintaining a love for them.  He had a love for the lost also, realizing the two different judgments.


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