Campaign For Liberty

I joined the Campaign For Liberty (and you can join here).  While it may take a while to make a difference in our country, it has to start small and local.  I think there is a new generation that does not call themselves democrats or republicans, or conservatives and liberals.  Both parties no longer stand on sound principles, and both political ideologies have lost their original terms.

Liberty is a popular term, but what does it mean?

Webster defines it as the following:

A.  The quality or state of being free

B.  The power to do as one pleases

C.  Freedom from physical restraint

D.  Freedom from arbitrary or despotic control

E. The positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges

F. The power of choice To start,

A. is the most obvious.  So the question is, do you as an American feel you are in a state of freedom?  Do you realize that per capita, we have the most prisoners?  Is it because the average citizen is more prone to law breaking than citizens of other nations, or is it because we have more restrictions and laws?

B.  The power to do as one pleases.  Can we honestly say we have this power?  Can I grow my grass a certain height without facing local fines?  While you may argue that we can do pretty much whatever we want to do (as long as it does not harm another), then why is the government persistent on keeping track of us?

C.  We should have freedom from physical restraint.  What does that mean as an American citizen?  I personally have not been restrained by the government in a physical manner, but there are innocent citizens who have.  James Yee, a former Captain of the US Army, was physically retrained and tortured because they thought he was a spy and a terrorist.  Turns out, oops, they made a mistake.

D.  Despotism.  We don’t have an example of a despot yet.  As we continue to relinquish our rights in the name of “security”, we may one day see the day when either a person, or a government has absolute control.  Granted, with our system of government, to get that far would take a lot of laziness and fear on the citizen’s part.  Doesn’t the Patriot Act and wireless phone tapping concern you just a little bit?  For an example of a leader with absolute control, see here.

So there you have it, liberty.  I don’t feel I need to go over the remaining sub-definitions, but suffice to say, we are losing liberty as our government becomes more and more bureaucratic.  Last night, a speaker at the Campaign For Liberty Rally stated that we live in the bureaucratic age.  I would define that true from the local government on up to the national federal government. Is it not time for us to do something about this?  I look at the present mess we are find ourselves in, and then I look at my children.  I don’t want them to inherit a nation that became weak and scared.  A nation that relies upon the government to do anything and everything, while accomplishing mostly nothing.  I want my children to live with their God given rights.  I don’t want them to worry about government spying and huge deficits, and a weak dollar.

We should all be concerned.  It won’t happen in a short period, but will take years to undo all the harm today’s government has caused.

Don’t give up though.  Stand strong, and stand for your children’s liberty.


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