Ah, Who Needs Hollywood Anyway?

So Brad Pitt donated $100,000.00 of his own money to support same sex marriage.  Well, he is out of touch with the average American.  The average American does not agree with same sex marriage.

While there are some traditional folks in Hollywood, most of those in Hollywood are in the far fringes of the world.  Do you think with the crushing economy people are going to be concerned whether Tim and Jim can call themselves wife and wife?

Same goes with the so called global warming.  While The Old Farmers Almanac is predicting a harsh winter, we have folks in Hollywood preaching global warming while living in their 40,000 sf homes and flying around in private jets.  Who needs them to tell us how to live anyway?

I like Brad as an actor.  He has appeared in some great movies.  Will I boycott him?  I don’t know.  I think if he started demanding we all agree with his stupid views instead of watching his movies then I’ll stop.  In the meantime, keep your money Brad.  It is simply a waste.  Unless you plan on marrying Tom Cruise someday.



2 Responses to “Ah, Who Needs Hollywood Anyway?”

  1. Dan Says:

    Hollywood is not reality and people like Pitt don’t have a clue how the rest of us live. Those guys live in a world of perpetual adolescence.

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    “perpetual adolescence” – Good one, Dan!

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