Is it wrong for me to laugh when reading this?

Traditional men earn more than their feminist leaning counterparts:

The study, carried out by researchers at the University of Florida, was conducted on a large scale, with 12,686 men and women interviewed in 1979, when they were aged between 14 and 22, and three times in the following two decades, the last time in 2005.

The researchers asked them whether they believed a woman’s place was in the home, or whether the employment of women was likely to lead to higher rates of juvenile delinquency.

Predictably, more men tended to hold these views than women, although the gap has narrowed significantly over time.

However, when the men were asked about their salaries, another gap emerged, with those holding “traditional” views earning significantly more.

Yes, I am a traditional man.  I think women should be at home submitting to their family’s needs and carrying out the household duties, while the husband should be hard at work bringing home the bacon.

I can now look out at the feminist and smile when remembering this study.

My Wife’s Input:

I think they might have missed one primary reason for it, though: Men who believe their wives’ place is in the home may drive themselves more in order to accomplish that, whereas men who don’t care either way will just figure they contribute half, and their wife should contribute half, so they needn’t push themselves as hard.


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