He made it home.

Off and on for some years now, I have stopped over at Bane’s blog.  He was a shockingly honest man who has been through it all, it seems.  I think he may have been a modern day Job, and like Job, the devil could not take him.

While he was salty in language, he was honest in deed.  I was an infrequent commenter, but I did get to experience his great “insults.”  It is an honor for anyone in the Vox world.  Suffice to say, he barely tolerated pacifist libertarians.

Still, Bane was like a guilty pleasure for me.  Please spend some time reading this man’s entries. He wasn’t perfect, but he  seemed to be as straightforward as a person can be in the blogger’s world.

I pray for his wife and children.  You will see how much he cherished them.




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