I’m Tired…

It is just past 1 o’clock in the morning.  Sox are on top 4-1, Papi just driving in Ellsbury for a little more insurance as the bottom of the ninth is set to begin soon.

I love the postseason, but man can it be tiring!

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3 Responses to “I’m Tired…”

  1. eric Says:

    You know they put those games on so late to accommodate we over here on the left coast.

    at least you have a post season…not that I’m bitter or anything like that


  2. metaljaybird Says:

    Accommodate what? Do you west coasters usually go to bed at 8? Sure, the game started at 7 o’clock PST, but I bet when they return to the East, the games start at least an hour later to…again accommodate the West Coasters.

    There’s an entire generation of fans out East that haven’t watched their teams play because they have to go to bed for school the next morning.

    If the Sox make it to the WS, I hope it is to play an East coast team. Year after year, I have to sacrifice my sleep just to see my team win play off games. I mean, it is horrible! Hahaha!

  3. eric Says:

    it’s all about us

    …so you can take your winning record, and loose some sleep in the process. I think it’s the price of doing business. 🙂

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