Wait til next year

Oh well.  It is 5-0 right now.  I believe the Rays are the team to go all the way.  Sorry Phillies, I hope you can do it, but these Rays just look darn right dangerous.

Sox had a good season, but when they get to the ALCS, fans expect them to get to the World Series. Sure, the Yankees didn’t even make the playoff, but I’m still left feeling a bit empty.

So here are my list of excuses:

1.  Injuries, including Lowell, Drew, Ortiz, and Beckett.  Don’t forget, we lost Schilling this year, and he’s probably the most clutch pitcher in October history.

2.  Manny.  You lose the best right handed hitter in probably baseball history, you lose something.  Jason Bay is an above average player, but he’ll never enter the Hall.

3.  Manny/Ortiz factor.  See above.  Ortiz seems more deadly when pitchers are forced to pitch around Manny to get to him.

4.  Rays.  They came in their own this year.  They are tough, fast, and domineering.  No mercy.  This will be a team to last for a long time.

5.  Beckett.  Again, he’s not the same pitcher he was last year.

6.  Wakefield.  He’s a bit too old now, I believe.  I hate to say it, but I think he needs to hang up his glove.

7.  Varitek.  The captain.  His offensive production is atrociuos.  I really don’t want to see him go, because he still offers a lot behind the plate, but when the runs don’t add up, there is a glaring hole in the lineup.

8.  Ellsbury.  He seems like his vacation started a week early.  You can’t win games if your leadoff doesn’t get on base.  I hope he has an MVP year next year.

9.  Terry Francona.  We’ll keep him, and he may help us to bounce back next season, but he kept Beckett in too long during game 2!  The entire ALCS may have finished differently if he had pulled him out before that 5th inning.

10. The Fans.  Booing Varitek during a playoff game?  Give me a break.  You all are an embarrasment, and I hope you all jump on the Rayhawk Wagon this season.  We don’t need your stupid pink hat-wearing types around to bring down the Red Sox fans collective IQ.

Rays are destined.  And now the AL East will have three highly competitive teams, which will make the Wild Card less of an automatic selection for the Boston Red Sox.  Hopefully the Sox will pick up some good pitching, and hitting during the off season.  Hopefully Manny stays on the West Coast!

UPDATE:  12:18 PM EST.  –  Umm…They’re not done yet.  Good night.


2 Responses to “Wait til next year”

  1. eric Says:

    you may have jumped ship a little early…nice comeback

  2. mjb Says:

    I do think I did. This is why I added that update right after the game! I don’t see them winning with Beckett tomorrow. I hope they prove me wrong.

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