So, um ehum, how about those Celtics?

So as my memory begins to fade, I almost forgot that earlier this year, the Boston Celtics were crowned the NBA Champions.  This is what I’m taking solace in, my friends.

Yeah, we Boston fans have become just a tad spoiled.

So sue me.

Tampa Bay was the better team, and I have a feeling they are going to throw the Phillies to the side like a cat throwing a dead mouse in a busted alleyway.

The Red Sox?  Time to update that lineup.  The bottom three of the order stranded too many people in key situations during this year’s ALCS.

Oh well, there will always be game 5, right?

At least the Yankees didn’t even make the playoffs (repeat that to yourself).

And, the Celtics should be competitive.  17!

I’ll be honest, folks.  While not shocked about this outcome, I am a bit annoyed.  The Red Sox have made the comeback series a fashion statement, and this year they became like other teams who came back only to lose at the last minute.

Have we entered the Curse of the Mannytrade?

Only time will tell.

For now, at least I’ll be getting more sleep.

And, at least the Celtics look good.


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2 Responses to “So, um ehum, how about those Celtics?”

  1. Dan Says:

    Considering the injuries and loss of Ramirez the Sox over achieved this year. They have a lot of young talent coming up, but they need some new power hitters now that Ortiz is declining and Ramirez went awol. I would like to tar and feather Ramirez. The man-child has no honor at all; a true scumbag.

  2. mjb Says:

    HA! I love the manram…he’s merely a Boras paun though.

    I think we’ll see better production from Papi next season.

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