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Why Believer Rules

December 31, 2008

I just had my first listen to an unmastered version “Medwton” (sp?) by Believer. Wow. I cannot wait for the new release to come out.

Celtics: Change the game plan

December 31, 2008

After attaining one of the greatest winning streaks in NBA history, and the greatest 29 game start in NBA history, they’ve begun to slump a bit.  Sure, they had that one easy game against possibly the worst team in the league, they suffered another loss against a slightly above average team. The third quarter did them in.

The Lakers seemed to figure them out.  Or, the fatigue of winning so many in a row becomes mental.  Which is it?  I lean towards mental fatigue.  They were dominating everyone in their way, and we all know that the East is the tough league now.

They had a great first half, here’s hoping for an even better second half.

In the end, it will likely come down the Lakers and Celtics again.  If the Lakers feel that they have them figured out, I think they’ll be sorely disappointed.  Of course, the Celtics have the realistic challenge of overcoming King James.

Really?  The LA Lakers (what lakes?) have to worry about New Orleans?  Thats it??  That’s not even a challenge to them.  Whatever the case, the East will take the crown, and it will likely be KG balling his eyes out, Pierce pointing to the crowd, and Sasha throwing a towel while crying for his big, Eastern European mommy.


Racism in the Congress

December 30, 2008

This from Drudge:

“Congressman Bobby Rush: ‘This is a matter of national importance. There are no African Americans in the Senate, and I don’t think that anyone, any U.S. senator who’s sitting in the Senate right now, wanna go on record to DENY one African American from being seated in the U.S. Senate. I don’t think they want to go on record doing that’… ”

So we should allow someone to be selected for one of the most powerful positions in the world based on his skin color? How very jim crowe of you, Mr Rush.

Christmas Came

December 27, 2008

So I got the Nintendo Wii for Christmas. My wife’s family played a trick on me a couple day before Christmas (when we chose to celebrate with them). After passing out all the gifts, I came out with a couple shirts and a gift card to Dunkin Donuts.

Well. What’s this? Yep, they fooled me! My broinlaw pulls out another box and passes it to me. Yes, the Nintendo Wii is now a member of our household.

I love it, and have been playing non stop since Christmas Eve. The workout isn’t bad. Certainly better than sitting on my duff playing Madden on my PC (which reminds me, I have to adjust my wishlist on Amazon. Madden 09 looks awesome for the Wii).

Anyway, we had a relatively peaceful Christmas (for once). We stayed at home and let the kiddos open their gifts. Christmas Eve was spent down in the basement assembling my daughter’s toy kitchen from makers, Melissa and Doug. I think I spent 2.5 hours on this one. Something tells me that spending Christmas Eve assembling toys will become the norm in the years to follow.

It was nice have two days off in a row. Thanksgiving was spent driving around New England visiting family members, so I was quite exhausted. This time, we just totally bummed around.

I’m looking forward to the new year with some goals in mind. I hope to complete my Microsoft exams so I can get a nice raise and promotion. I hope to play a lot more guitar, and get back into playing at church. I pray our country takes a swing for the better. Meaning, we all turn to the one true God and follow Him and His ways.

God Blesses!

December 15, 2008

My wife and I were discussing our budget, and came to the realization that we may have trouble buying gifts for our children.

Later on, I walk out my door and find three envelopes tucked under the storm door.

We open the envelopes. One is a paycheck with a couple hundred extra that my wife forgot about, the other a gift from a relative for a decent amount of money!

So while we had some unexpected bills this month that set us back, God provided in His awesome way!

CC is out.

December 11, 2008

Now that the Yanks pulled in CC (or, with that monstrous contract, maybe he pulled them in), I am concerned about the the Sox’ perceived lack of motivation for the free agency.  I hear the Yanks are pursuing other top pitchers quite aggressively.

Sure, we picked up some unknown Japanese youngster who played for a corporation (an ultra-glorified company softball team).  And we no longer have Manny to round out the batting order.  Plus we seem to be losing our chances at a quality catcher (hint:  If no one else is around, pick up the old captain).

Henry lost a ton of money in the weakened economy.  Perhaps he is no longer a big risk taker now that he’s moved down a few notches in the billionaires club.

Maybe they’ve analyzed all of the aspects of sabermetrics and came to the conclusion that adding Texiera and another number two pitcher will not improve their chances at winning the World Series.  The amount of number crunching the Red Sox administration attack would make an IRS Auditor blush.

At this point, I still believe the Sox ownership and executives to have a higher level of intellectual aptitude than their Yankee counterparts.  Why else would they have two World Series Championships since the calendar flipped over to 2001?

The question is:  Will they sign a big contract with a huge bat?

Fruikcake-Free Day!

December 9, 2008

Get ready for tomorrow, people. Gays across America are planning on calling out “Gay” on Wednesday to show how much the average American relies on them.

Gay Out

This should serve as a fantastic day for those who work. For one day, you won’t have to listen to some happy ramble on about interior design and the latest Sushi bar that opened two blocks around the corner.

Bosses, this is your chance to finally fire those gays. If they call out for “being gay” they are likely breaking company policy. No discrimination, after all!

Yes, a gay-free day might be what the doctor ordered.

(Side note: As far as I know, none of my colleagues are gay. I guess I’ll know for sure tomorrow).

Go Eagles!

December 7, 2008

Why? Because as a New England Patriots fan, I enjoy it anytime this team loses. Especially to a weak team. Game isn’t over yet, but it is keeping me occupied while I study for my next technical certification exam.

The O.J. has Expired

December 5, 2008

It is about time O.J. went to prison.

I’m still here

December 2, 2008

So it has been awhile.  Truth is, I’ve been quite busy at home and with work.  No, this doesn’t mean our company is doing better than the average company, but I’ve just been more focused, is all.

So far, the Celtics have been awesome, the Bruins are killing, and the Red Sox hotstove is as boring as it gets.

News is unimpressive, though this could be because I’m still sort of ignoring the news.  What?  We’re in a recession?  Really?

Seriously, I had a gentleman approach me on Sunday for gas money while I pumped gas into my car.  Coincidentally, he was heading back to NJ from MA and had no money nor gas to make it back home.  He’s been out of work for a few months now.  Say a prayer for the man. Things are starting to hit more people.

I had a conversation with my father while up home.  He showed me where the stash of weapons are located, along with his papers for his grave lot and funeral arrangements.  It is kind of surreal even having this discussion.  He’s in his early 50s, so he’s not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, but I guess he feels I’m of the age where I can handle such responsibilities.

As a little background, my father, a longtime Democrat, believes that everyone should start the process of getting their pistol permits, CCLs, because he believes the president-elect may try to take those rights away.  In his words:  “I’ve never been more scared of a president in my entire life.”  And this coming from a man who voted for Kerry.  I’m still trying to get him to consider libertarianism.

Thanksgiving was nice, though lacking rest.  My family is big, loud, and in your face.  Arguments over the music playing has become somewhat of a tradition.