I’m still here

So it has been awhile.  Truth is, I’ve been quite busy at home and with work.  No, this doesn’t mean our company is doing better than the average company, but I’ve just been more focused, is all.

So far, the Celtics have been awesome, the Bruins are killing, and the Red Sox hotstove is as boring as it gets.

News is unimpressive, though this could be because I’m still sort of ignoring the news.  What?  We’re in a recession?  Really?

Seriously, I had a gentleman approach me on Sunday for gas money while I pumped gas into my car.  Coincidentally, he was heading back to NJ from MA and had no money nor gas to make it back home.  He’s been out of work for a few months now.  Say a prayer for the man. Things are starting to hit more people.

I had a conversation with my father while up home.  He showed me where the stash of weapons are located, along with his papers for his grave lot and funeral arrangements.  It is kind of surreal even having this discussion.  He’s in his early 50s, so he’s not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, but I guess he feels I’m of the age where I can handle such responsibilities.

As a little background, my father, a longtime Democrat, believes that everyone should start the process of getting their pistol permits, CCLs, because he believes the president-elect may try to take those rights away.  In his words:  “I’ve never been more scared of a president in my entire life.”  And this coming from a man who voted for Kerry.  I’m still trying to get him to consider libertarianism.

Thanksgiving was nice, though lacking rest.  My family is big, loud, and in your face.  Arguments over the music playing has become somewhat of a tradition.


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