Go Eagles!

Why? Because as a New England Patriots fan, I enjoy it anytime this team loses. Especially to a weak team. Game isn’t over yet, but it is keeping me occupied while I study for my next technical certification exam.

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4 Responses to “Go Eagles!”

  1. eric Says:

    you may be holding on to some bitterness…

    from a SD standpoint, a little help from KC right now would go a long way!

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    Not a big Broncos fan, I take it.

    That’s alright, the Celtics and Bruins are doing fine!

  3. eric Says:

    More of a Chargers fan. I think that yesterday was the first time in history that SD fans rooted for KC to win…Denver happens to be my brothers team to boot.

  4. metaljaybird Says:

    I got you. Everything was fine for me as an all around Boston fan. Celtics have a 12 game winning streak, Bruins are possibly the best team in the NHL, and the Pats are still hanging onto play-off hopes.

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