Fruikcake-Free Day!

Get ready for tomorrow, people. Gays across America are planning on calling out “Gay” on Wednesday to show how much the average American relies on them.

Gay Out

This should serve as a fantastic day for those who work. For one day, you won’t have to listen to some happy ramble on about interior design and the latest Sushi bar that opened two blocks around the corner.

Bosses, this is your chance to finally fire those gays. If they call out for “being gay” they are likely breaking company policy. No discrimination, after all!

Yes, a gay-free day might be what the doctor ordered.

(Side note: As far as I know, none of my colleagues are gay. I guess I’ll know for sure tomorrow).


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7 Responses to “Fruikcake-Free Day!”

  1. eric Says:

    is it a coincidence that this event falls on a hump day? I guess I’ll get my hair cut tomorrow

  2. metaljaybird Says:


    I had a court date today, so I was out for half the day at work. Everyone said I called in bi for the day.

    So I asked why my manager was not in the office.

  3. Dan Says:

    This country deserves whatever it gets. Sodom & Gomorrah.

  4. Andy Stephen Says:

    Bro, read my blog….from up here in Canada where our gays wear skirts and dresses…year around because it’s so freakin cold…but boy oh boy they love it when the mosquitoes fly up under their skirts….so, you rocked with your post….love to hear more….I think we are of like mind on this stupid, ridiculous over blown (no pun intended) subject….much respect….Andy from Canada….

  5. metaljaybird Says:


    Welcome. I don’t care what dudes do in their own household, just don’t force feed this garbage to me.

    And it is insulting to blacks when stating they are the new blacks.

  6. metaljaybird Says:

    Hmm…what’s your blog address, Andy?

  7. Andy Stephen Says:

    Dear Metaljaybird,
    Andy here from Canada…’s my blog address:

    and, have a very Merry Christmas, a safe one and remember, never drink and drive! Spread the good cheer and spread the good message…..yours in friendship, Andy from Canada….

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