CC is out.

Now that the Yanks pulled in CC (or, with that monstrous contract, maybe he pulled them in), I am concerned about the the Sox’ perceived lack of motivation for the free agency.  I hear the Yanks are pursuing other top pitchers quite aggressively.

Sure, we picked up some unknown Japanese youngster who played for a corporation (an ultra-glorified company softball team).  And we no longer have Manny to round out the batting order.  Plus we seem to be losing our chances at a quality catcher (hint:  If no one else is around, pick up the old captain).

Henry lost a ton of money in the weakened economy.  Perhaps he is no longer a big risk taker now that he’s moved down a few notches in the billionaires club.

Maybe they’ve analyzed all of the aspects of sabermetrics and came to the conclusion that adding Texiera and another number two pitcher will not improve their chances at winning the World Series.  The amount of number crunching the Red Sox administration attack would make an IRS Auditor blush.

At this point, I still believe the Sox ownership and executives to have a higher level of intellectual aptitude than their Yankee counterparts.  Why else would they have two World Series Championships since the calendar flipped over to 2001?

The question is:  Will they sign a big contract with a huge bat?


2 Responses to “CC is out.”

  1. Dan Says:

    It seems the Sox didn’t think they had a real shot with CC; he’s a great pitcher in the regular season but has serious playoff problems. I would really like to see them get Tex and of course a younger catcher. I really like Tek but it’s clear a replacement is needed.

  2. metaljaybird Says:


    I wish you were wrong about ‘Tek.

    What young catcher out there would be of the same caliber as Jason?

    Of course, I wonder if he’ll have another breakout season like he did about 4 years ago. Probably not.

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