Sensationalist News

I just read an article about a horrific event in which a mother and father beat their two year old daughter to death. While this child was getting abused, she pleaded to her parents “I love you” to get them to stop.

They continued on until it was too late.

I hate this type of news, as it serves no purpose to any of us. It doesn’t make myself feel better (if that is the intention), it causes anger and sadness. What can I do about this? The parents are having their time in court, but I wish the media would cease to exist when reading such articles.

Yes, I realize I chose to click on that link. The more I read these stupid articles, the less I feel that humanity in general is capable of any good.

Better to be tied with a millstone around the neck under water than to harm the little ones.

I love my children. I know that there are some days I take them for granted. A typical prayer for them is that they be blessed, grow to love God, and that today I would put their needs before mine.


6 Responses to “Sensationalist News”

  1. escapedmentalpatient Says:

    I bet the parent where religious….

  2. mjb Says:

    What, like those “religious” nuts that blasted away a bunch of their fellow students at Columbine?

    What point are you trying to make? Drive by trolling will not be tolerated here.

  3. dr dre Says:

    That religion is the cause of all problems.

  4. metalcommuter Says:


    While atheism is a cause of many problems, we certainly can’t say it is the cause of all problems.

  5. Kijame Says:

    I wish you’d have provided us with a link to that story. I’m currently writing a paper on overly sensationalist media and fear-mongering and I thought I had found something good when your entry showed up…

  6. mjb Says:


    Here’s a follow up. You can probably dig around the archives and find the original story.

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