Time to sleep…

Celtics can’t get it done, but the game was evenly matched to the very last second.  Lakers have my respect, but until they beat them in the Finals (if they make the Finals), they haven’t done anything yet but win two regular season games.

If only KG would have stayed clean.

Oh well…at least it is Friday!


15 Responses to “Time to sleep…”

  1. Jamie R Says:

    We beat you.


    Beat you.

  2. Jamie R Says:

    Oi did I mention Lakers beat you? I did?

    Oh I did.

    Well hey, we beat you.

  3. Jamie R Says:


    …beat you.

  4. Jamie R Says:








  5. Jamie R Says:


  6. Jamie R Says:


  7. Beat You Says:


  8. metaljaybird Says:

    Jamie, you’ll at least admin that this was probably one of the most evenly matched games played in sometime.

    I thought it was the best game of the season, and I was on the losing end.

    Oh well, remind me again…who happens to be the current NBA Champions?

  9. Beat You Says:

    Do you want me to play fair? That doesn’t work at all.

    B is for beat. Y is for You.

  10. metaljaybird Says:

    The thing is, now the Celtics have something to prove. They had nothing to prove as the current NBA Champions. The Lakers are out for revenge, ok, fine then, they got their revenge. We’ll see how they do come this playoff season.

    Celtics will have a reformed Stephon by then.

  11. Beat You Says:

    Back to back is the only way forward. This Celtics team will mean nothing next to Bird’s or Russell’s without a back to back. Lakers are there to stop it.

  12. metaljaybird Says:

    Well Celtics have a better shot than the Lakers for back to back, right?

  13. Beat You Says:

    Ha. Dumped (not)Rad-half-man-the-bitch and picked up Adam Morrison. We’ll take that. Vlad was not Rad, and he complained, this messes with Kobe’s mojo.

  14. metaljaybird Says:

    That’s a good move, actually.

    BTW, Bird never got a back to back.

  15. Beat You Says:

    I mentioned back to back in particular cause these current Celtics are old, if they try play it like what happened in Bird’s Era they won’t make it. 1981 to 1984 won’t keep this team together.

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