Media Hysteria Against Guns

With the current crop of news (Binghamton, Pittsburgh) involving multiple shootings, you would think that the availability of weapons is the cause of these shootings. You would think wrong.

People are starting to snap under the current economic situation. Stress is high, and some people reach mental insanity sooner than they would under normal conditions.

The shooter in New York state that shot down a bunch of immigrants had recently lost his job.

The crazy dude that opened fire and killed three cops was worried that Obama was going to take his right to carry away. (Why would killing cops prove a point)?

We are in some serious times. The media (and certain Democrats and neoconservatives) want to take the weapons away. They want you to believe that you’ll be safer if you don’t have your own gun. Government and media, walking hand in hand, want us to be babysat.

First, I would recommend to all to embrace God. Read his Word. Follow Jesus! He is the true King, and will reign victorious, and the time is sooner than ever (that kind of goes without saying, but I felt I should mention it).

Second. Get your guns. Learn how to maintain them, and how to fire them. Be prepared to use them if the unlikely situation arises. Don’t be stupid about them, they are not to be treated like some video game. When handling them, there should be some amount of calm fear. A respect that says you know that this can be used for good as a tool towards freedom.

Again, times are tough. People are getting desperate. Some choose crime when times get tough. Our job is to stop them from hurting us. (With thanks to Dragnet).

So sleep well, knowing that someone somewhere is attempting the constant process of limiting our freedom and rights. Or do something about it.

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