NBA, are you next?

Dan and Jamie both brought up good points regarding professional sports

He believes that Lebron is likely using PEDs or an unnatural human growth supplemant.  There is no evidence to support this fact, so it is presumed he is innocent, but the fact remains, the NBA is not immune to this problem.


2 Responses to “NBA, are you next?”

  1. Jamie R Says:

    Dwight Howard and LeBron James are the ones I suspect. You compare them to the Tim Duncan’s and Kobe Bryant’s and you have to wonder what builds and sustains that lean sort of large muscle mass. I don’t think it’s just a super clean diet.

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    The problem is more widespread than we think.

    How aggressive is the NBA against cheating like this? Has their been any player caught doing this and then suspended?

    Manny and ARod are probably the biggest athletes that have been outed. Payroll wise, I can’t think of anyone bigger. (A Rod is the number one baseball player, and for years, Manny was number two).

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