CNN – Dishonesty on the front page

Here’s what I spotted on CNN’s website, front page article:

“A hostile crowd shouted questions and made angry statements today at a Pennsylvania town hall meeting on health care led by Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter. The meeting drew an overflow crowd of about 250 people, with more gathered outside to demonstrate for and against President Obama’s push to expand health insurance for 46 million people without coverage while bringing down costs”

Now, the wording used gives a sense of extreme hostility and danger. You better avoid these people, they are irrationally mad. The ending contrasts that statement when it makes the protesters look like they are upset that Obama wants to lower the cost of healthcare.

Talk about propaganda! Now I’m all for lowering the costs, but unless we live on Mars, and not Earth, there is no way that expanding government healthcare to include everyone who is involuntarily or voluntarily uncovered will lower the cost of healthcare. Just no way! Think about it. If a government can’t even manage the Cash for Clunkers, (which has cost us tax payers billions), how can it manage an extremely complicated system like health care?

Will it be more efficient? No. It won’t. We’ll now have to get used to long lines for simple treatment, and perhaps even denial.

Is the current healthcare system perfect? Not at all. Not even close. We have a system that, encouraged by the government, became costly, inefficient, and broken. It still works better than universal health care.

Will it wipe out private healthcare? Yes. The inevitability is that no company will be able to afford paying for the people (who are not employed by them) who use the government system, and continue to pay for the rising cost of the private healthcare. Certainly no individual will be able to afford it when his income tax rises drastically.

It will raise taxes. It will have to. Eventually the machine will expect a payout, and the government will place that demand on the backs of the individual. The same individual who struggles to pay his mortgage, provide for his family, and works hard to make a living. His quality of life, guaranteed, will diminish at an alarming rate. That is a fact.

The mainstream media, no surprise, wants to see Obama get his agendas through even at the cost of compromising journalistic ethics. While Obama pushes for this stupid and irresponsible plan, his approval ratings plummet. Perhaps he needs to pay attention, because he is causing this debate. People are yelling at town halls not because they are in line with private insurance companies, but because they are sick and tired of a government that does not represent the interests of the people.

It is about time that Americans are waking up, getting off their couches and mobilizing.

Obama: You ain’t seen nothing yet.


2 Responses to “CNN – Dishonesty on the front page”

  1. Dan Says:

    Good post. The media is clueless and far removed from reality and the lives of people who struggling to get by. People are getting pissed and scared; they can see where this is going– loss of freedom, putting down people over 70, no money to provide for their families [with the 80% tax rate to pay for obamacare]. I’m afraid Geraled Celente is right, it will get very nasty.

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    Just today I saw a quiz on about the common myths of the health care plan. I had to quit after the second question.

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