Live Free or Die? Except if you homeschool your children…

There is a lot to appreciate about the state of New Hampshire. However, from what I’ve read, NH scores terribly on homeschooling rights. Ironically, the state of NJ is one of the best states for homeschoolers. My wife and I wonder if it is just because they don’t have the time to analyze every homeschooler because they have their hands full with all of the students who are public schooled.

Anyway, WND has an article about a girl in New Hampshire who is being forced into government education because…

Her parents are abusive? No.
She is not meeting the educational standards? No, she is outshining her public schooled counterparts.

She is being forced into government education because…she is defensive of her Christian beliefs.

So, this judge, a Miss Lucinda Sadler, thinks it is her job to decide the religious upbringing of this poor child. This judge, made a poor judgement, and ignored the Constitution and especially the part where it says we have freedom of religion.

It is not up to the government to decide how my child will worship. My children will be taught that Jesus is God and King, Lord and Savior. They will know that all other religions are lies that come from the very devil himself!

Seriously, we have considered moving to NH because of their attitude towards free enterprise, taxes, and almost everything else. Except, their homeschool record is terrible.


2 Responses to “Live Free or Die? Except if you homeschool your children…”

  1. jcw Says:

    That is unfortunate because NH is a great place to live, otherwise. It may just be the town she is in, I’ve never heard of anything like this where I live. Anyway, it sounds like the judge’s decision will likely be overturned but it is a black eye for a state that is quite a nice place to live.

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    Hi JCW,

    Thanks for your reply. I love NH, but we plan on homeschooling, and we don’t want to relocate to a state that is tough on homeschoolers.

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