Black Friday

I recall a few years ago engaging in the sport of shopping on Black Friday. Trying to find a parking spot at the local mall was a huge challenge, and you had to utlilize your blinker a mile away so that those coming from the other direction didn’t steal that spot.

Once I finally found my spot, my wife and I set off to shop. The crowds bustling in and out of the entry way reminded me of an old fashioned football game. When we finally entered the mall, the heat from the crowds was almost too oppressive. However, we had already committed to our adventure of shopping on Black Friday.

First I waited in line at the Starbucks kiosk to buy over-priced crappy tasting coffee. My discover card took the hit, and I took the caffeine. Then a storm of bumping into strangers, waiting in line, more credit card scans continued for the remainder of the day.

I believe there were almost three fights, ten rude glares, fourteen grumbles, and two bathroom breaks (all while waiting in line).

Finally, we exited the mall. Where did we park? Who knows. In this massive parking lot, with the rain pouring down, hands full of bags of junk that we plan on giving to friends and family, we wandared the endless rows of vehicles until we found our compact car.

The trunk barely fit our bags of junk.

The highway out of the mall was packed with a huge traffic jam. The radio played annoying Christmas music, somehow I wasn’t in the mood anymore.

We got home late that night.

The credit card bill made us feel sick.

We cut our credit cards soon after.

Black Friday is now a day in which I pity the masses who are caught up in the hype of consumerism. Why? So you can garner that flat screen TV for half the price? That same TV you really didn’t need or want, but the price pulled you in?

Enjoy your credit card bill, because the interest alone you’ll pay on it will more than make up the savings.


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