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Funny To Watch

December 27, 2007

Fecke, an anti-Ron Paul with a secret man-crush on Vox, has decided to grasp at straws and argue that no one should support Dr. Paul because Vox Day supports him.  The comments are of particular interest to me, in that they are hilarious.  Here are some examples of liberal intellectualism:

Trust me, reading Vox Day is like taking a ball peen hammer to your temple repeatedly. It hurts, and in the end you’re dumber for the experience.

That is a pretty good insult.

Why do I get the feeling that, if Ron Paul said to, all the Pauldroids would very happily drink the purple Cyanide-Aide so they could meet the Space Brothers in the Comet of Space Joy?
Scott | Homepage | 12.27.07 – 5:39 am | #

Yes, because Jonestown were full of gun toting libertarians? The progressives weak attempts at disparaging the Doc are almost sad.

Then it gets into the debate of abortion and baning Vox readers.

Just to explain, I got into Vox while reading his articles on WND a few years back. He is hilarious if you haven’t read him, because he has a way at getting people ticked off while proving his point. He merely pointed out that it is, indeed possible to deport all the illegals, as the Nazis were able to do so. Many people then jumped all over him calling him a Nazi sympathizer, blah, blah, blah. He was just making a point fellows!

I came onto the blogging a bit late. Originally I posted on forums and guestbooks, but never thought about writing my own blog until I found WordPress. Yes, I had a blogger called talkguitars (which is largely inactive), but I find WordPress’ interface much more convenient.

That being said, I love to blog, and I love to write my pointless comments and opinions on other sites. So check out Frecke’s lousy article for a good time, but be forewarned, there is plenty of ignorance from the left.



Go Green! Kill Your Unborn!

November 23, 2007

This person is proud of offing her child forever in the name of being green. Set on reducing her carbon footprint, she illogically thought that it would be selfish to birth her child. So…she decided to kill it in the name of Global Warming. Fearing that her child would be the end all of all, without hesitation she went to the doc’s office and had the baby scraped out of her uterus.

Fearing the waters would rise above her apartment, she decided, that in the best interest of herself and her beloved earth, to sterilize her body once and for all. To commend her for this, her boyfriend handed her a congratulatory card. Now ten years later, she can rest easy that no one will be there for her when she is old and dying. Don’t worry, at least Bambi won’t be hunted down by her offspring.

Toni terminated her pregnancy, she did so in the firm belief she was helping to save the planet. “Having children is selfish. It’s all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet,” says Toni, 35.

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No Toni, having children is not selfish. Having children caused me as an individual to realize how selfish I was BEFORE I fathered a child. My child never asked to be born, but she also never asked to be murdered either. She is alive and well, and I am doing the best I can to raise her in the right Way.

Toni, you are a sad excuse for a human being. Your worship of animals has led you astray from reality. The little rabbits that run through your neighborhood don’t care about you. The one person that would have given you total love was selfishly murdered at the hands of your terroristic environmentalism. I don’t understand why you believe the way you believe. If more feminists like yourself would turn from violence, and quit murdering, this world would not have so many condom wrappers and abortion clinics polluting the world. If only you had sterilized yourself before.

Feminists should follow suit and receive a full sterilization from their doctor. This way we will end the abortion business. Also, basic math shows that more feminist sterilizations = less feminists in the long run. A win win for everyone.

Toni, you have to realize that you are nothing more than a Hitler. Your willingness to eliminate someone else’s life because you don’t agree with what they might do (burden the environment) is nothing more than fascism. While you claim to be a person of tolerance, you revealed your true colors when bludgeoning the life your child. Don’t worry, the child is in a much better place. Hopefully you will come to your senses and one day meet that child.

Environmentalists are nothing more than fascists with the goal of the destruction of the human race.

Vaccinations, Gun Rights, Ron Paul, and other Ruminations

November 20, 2007

Interesting discussions going on over at Nate’s blog about guns and vaccinations. Damn, this system is so screwed up. Please educate yourself on the matter in which vaccinations are created and researched before poisoning yourself or your young ones. The MMR vaccination was created on the deaths of innocent unborn children. Words run through my head that my wife would slap me for mentioning when I think of that. Merck is a death camp of a company that runs a shady business which capitalized on unborn children’s demise.

For all those fools getting that flu vaccine: It doesn’t work. In fact, it is most likely successful at spreading the illness. Oh yeah, if you shoot yourself up with it more than five years in a row, your chances of getting Alzheimer’s are pretty likely. They load the stuff with aluminum.

I’m pissed because I was not as educated before. We are going to be much more selective when vaccinating our children. The chicken pox vaccination? What a stupid waste. Hep B? Unnecessary for anyone that is not sexually active or remains pure to their wife/husband. Why the hell are young children getting jammed with needles supposedly protecting themselves from Hep B. The list goes on and on.

Big school wants money. Big school says, no school for you unless you have the shots. Big school likes to have money to spend on a lousy education. The formula is relentless and cyclical. “More money, lower standards, and heck, let us teach them how to spread STDs while we are at it. Oh yeah, God is a myth too. Sorry, go home and cry about it.”

Big school, big vaccine pharma, and big government all at work to lower your quality of life.

Anti-gun right activists have a racist agenda they cannot erase:

Thanks Vox.

So, the same school that is causing problems in the inner city and black neighborhoods, caused problems for them back in the day. These anti-gun activists are nothing but closet racists. Call it the white-guilt complex, but these liberals who claim they are reaching out to the ghetto or the black towns are doing nothing but patting themselves on the back for their “honorable work”. Honorable? These clowns are the very ones that are forcing these people to stay stuck on welfare and food stamps. I grew up in a poor neighborhood, and black or white, it doesn’t matter, if you are receiving handouts, it is hard as hell to get out of that system. It is time for some cold turkey.

Keep the guns in the hands of the people. Maybe it is time we outlawed guns for the poh leese. They seem to like shooting people on a daily basis.

Ron Paul continues to embarrass lamestream media and the GOP. He is raising money and spending it wisely (unlike Romniani). I think if Hillary has anyone to fear, it is Ron Paul. Why are so many stupid people putting their faith behind neocons and liberals? They have nothing to offer but the same old junk.

Yep, Hillary will probably bomb Iran. She is a warmongering feminist, as all feminist love violence. This is why abortion is their main token. What else is more violent then putting a pair of pliers up a women’s body and shredding to pieces the living baby? Why do all abortion clinics have buckets near the bedsides? Is it for the mother/killer to barf in? No, it is to put the pieces of the dead baby and dispose of. Abortion is more evil then slavery.

Downs Syndrome Child Murdered Along With His Healthy Twin

August 28, 2007

After doctors realized their mistake, they notified the woman in question. She returned to the hospital to have the disabled baby aborted as well…

This is another example of many that proves abortion is unnecessary and despicable. This disgusting murdering mother can’t bear the fact that one of her twin sons has downs syndrome. She arranges to have it murdered to ease her despicable life. The doctors botched the job and destroy the life of the healthy child. Once they realize their mistake (assuming they looked at the dead body of the child), they contacted the mother, she came back and ordered the disabled child’s death sentence.

Oh, but the supporters of death will argue that this is a minor case and that all nations should reserve the right for a woman to practice abortion.  Give me a break.  I don’t care how small it is, a human life is a human life.  If we can’t value the life of a baby, then we aren’t worth anything.

Pro-abortionists, those murdering hypocrites,  should be locked up for life.

Amnesty International Supports Abortion

August 27, 2007

Yesterday the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, commented on Amnesty International’s policy on sexual and reproductive rights — including on selected aspects of abortion — and said that the view of the Vatican is that abortion should not be available to rape victims.

Because violence against violence works, right? How is killing the unborn protecting the human rights of the unborn? According to Amnesty’s statement of faith, their primary goal is to protect the human rights of all humans. How hypocritical. There should be no compromise when protecting human beings.

Here is a letter of complaint that I sent to the office in NYC:

It has come to my attention that a great injustice has been placed upon countless American humans.

This tragic injustice is the cause of thousands and thousands of deaths each day. The government protects by law the right to carry about this act which goes against human rights.

The innocent victims have no rights whatsoever, and in fact never get the chance to defend themselves, in a court of law, or in the public square.

While many stand up for these innocent victims so viciously harmed and murdered, most turn a blind eye. When evidence proves the viability of these, politics pollute justice and continue to permit the victimizing of these innocent human beings.

If it is indeed the mission of Amnesty to protect all human beings, your organization should be in the forefront of preventing these disgusting atrocities from happening.

Unfortunately, your organization recently took on a position that goes in stark contrast with your mission statement. AI has come out to support the world wide decriminalization of killing off innocent, unborn children.

Basically, you have compromised your organization to a point that you are now the victimizers. You are now the predators. AI has come full circle. AI is now to be considered pointless.

What does abortion do?

August 13, 2007

I’m looking at a picture of my 1 year old daughter as I sit at my cube eating my salad for lunch.  I had one thought as I looked into her blue eyes.  What if I thought abortion was appropriate?  I wouldn’t have my daughter to love.  Thank God I know what abortion means.

What does abortion do?  It kills.  What does it kill?  A human.  Enough with trying to say a woman has a right to her body.  Indeed, but she has no right to harm the body that never asked to dwell inside of her.  If a little baby is that much of an inconvenience for you, then maybe you should put the baby up for adoption.

Defenders of abortion are stupid.  Prove to me that abortion does not kill a baby.

Edwards Supports Taking My Money For Your Abortion!

July 18, 2007

Senator Edwards wants to create a system that would grant people full reproductive health insurance, including terminating pregnancies.

That bastard! I cannot stand such a pompous attitude. Who the hell does he think he is? His love fest with the nazis at Planned Parenthood is enough to make me sick. Mr. Edwards: KEEP YOUR DIRTY BLOOD HUNGRY HANDS OFF OF MY MONEY!!!

In all seriousness, it is unconstitutional to take taxpayer’s money and give it to some pregnant lady regretting her growing alien form. Edwards has no chance at winning the primary, but rest assured, Hillary will do the same.

Oh yeah, that joke of a candidate, Obama Ben Aborting, says he would do the same. Your love and understanding of the Bible must be amazing. Read the Bible. See what God says about harm done to those little ones. Maybe you’ll gain some common sense on what it is to have an abortion.

Plenty of women have gone on to admit regretting their abortion. We live in a society that celebrates “freedom” by killing off millions of human beings. To the women who regret: Take heed that if you repent, God will forgive you. We all make mistakes, some just happen to have larger consequences then others.

Mr. Obama, Ms. Clinton, and Mr. Edwards: To claim yourselves as Christians, and then turn around and support this abomination shows who you really are. Nothing but lying political whores.

York, PA Police Officers Hate Freedom of Expression

July 5, 2007

Pro-life protesters are taking their case to federal court because they claim York, Pa., police repeatedly violated their free speech rights while they were handing out tracts and preaching outside the city’s Planned Parenthood clinic .

John McTernan, Edward D. Snell, John Wood and Luanne Ferguson have filed a civil suit against York police for being “chilled, frustrated and deterred in the exercise of their First Amendment activities due to the city’s policy of ignoring First Amendment rights.”

Their complaint states, “By denying plaintiffs the right to access public streets with other like-minded people, [York police] denied plaintiffs the right of assembly on account of the content of their message.” Click Here

The obvious bias for the advocates of death should bother anyone with a mind.  These officers are not doing their job.  They are assisting in the deaths of unborn baby girls and boys.  When young children walk into the clinic, they don’t stop and question them.

These cops are nothing but pigs.  With a t otal disregard for the 1st Amendment, they constantly harass and arrest these fine protesters.  We all have the right to say whatever we want without facing arrest.  If not, then we may as well burn the constitution.

I won’t even get into how much I hate Planned Parenthood.  I’ll save that for a future entry.  That baby killing business has done more harm to this country.

Planned Parenthood (Murder)

June 15, 2007

Planned Parenthood is happy to report that they have killed a record amount of unborn children and made excessive profits this year.

I’m so proud.

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God Bless Her

May 17, 2007

WHEN Anna Radosz, a mother to be, was diagnosed with a potentially fatal form of skin cancer, her first thoughts were for her unborn child.

Six months into the pregnancy, she was told a course of chemotherapy would be needed to successfully tackle the malignant melanoma.

But the 27-year-old refused the potentially life-saving treatment to protect her baby, and she gave birth to a healthy son, Oscar, last November.

But that selfless sacrifice has cost Ms Radosz her life.

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What a selfless mother. I am sad for the father, child, family, and friends. She made the decision a true mother would make. Believing that her unborn child was a true human being with the same rights as herself, she went on with the pregnancy, denying herself the treatment that would have most likely saved her, but killed her baby. She is a true hero.

God bless her.