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Now I Have No Excuse

April 2, 2008

My manager has given me permission to leave my car in the parking lot overnight.  Time to get the bike ready for riding.

Bike Commute

May 14, 2007

Living in New Jersey, I have grown tired of driving to and fro work. It has only served to give me more stress and weight. I am seriously considering riding my bike to work (though I think I’d like to get a new bike that is more intended for commuting). If I move to the town that I’m hoping to, that would make it about 13 mile one-way commute. That’s 26 miles a day. I’m sure to many that is quite doable, but I am out of shape.

So I think I will start out small. I plan on driving my car a few miles away from work taking the bike off of the rack, and cycling in the rest of the way. Hopefully, as I get into condition, I’ll be able to handle the 26 mile commute with ease.

The fact is, I like to eat, and I would like to feel more healthy. A gym won’t cut it because they are too expensive and annoying. The last gym I belonged to had lines for everything. The waiting game was more tiring then the actual weight lifting.

America is totally stuck on the automobile. Don’t get me wrong, the car is a great invention, and very necessary. Maybe just not as necessary as we believe it to be. I’ve been researching this quite a bit, and I guess I’m ready to just finally give it a shot.

I’m tired of being tired and I would like to change that.