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Second Day Rolling

May 15, 2008

Yesterday’s commute home was very fun.  Sure, I had two beasts of a hill, but what goes up, most come down.  While on 53 North looking towards Denville from the top of Mt. Tabor the traffic was bumper-to-bumper for as far as I could see.  Let me just say that it was completely satisfying passing these people down the hill.  While climbing Mt. Tabor, my left legged started to cramp up.  So I eased off a bit, stretched it out, and gliding down the other side of the hill was pure joy.

My drive home takes from 30 to 40 minutes.  My bike ride home took 35 minutes, and that was adding an extra half mile to avoid the 10 and 202 rush hour crush, which would be too dangerous on a bike at 5:30.  Seriously, I tried not to smirk as I passed by everyone stuck in traffic.  I’ll try to pull over and take a few pictures tonight with the Q.  Hopefully traffic will be just as lousy.

I ride a Specialized Hardrock with fat knobby tires.  If this becomes serious, I wonder how much shorter the commute time would be were I to purchase a road bike.


I Did It

May 14, 2008

Well, after all these years of talking myself out of it, I slipped once early this morning and talked myself into riding my bicycle to work.

I packed a change of clothes, a couple wash cloths, and my study books into my backpack. Away I went! I actually saw a few bike commuters on the way. One was a lady turning southbound onto 53 from the Denville Train Station, another was cruising northbound on 53 towards Morristown. I guess riding a bike to work isn’t as odd as I once thought.

This being my first time and all, I actually arrived way too early. My normal 15 – 20 minute drive into work took just over 30 minutes. I was at work at 7:20 this morning. My normal start time is 8:30. Well, I changed into my work clothes, had some water, powered up the slow one (T42 running Vista Business…bad combo) and cooled off for a few minutes. I then walked over to DD’s for a large iced coffee with the special .99 egg and cheese on a biscuit.

This is the first of many, I hope. Maybe this will turn into a lifestyle.

Check out one of my daily reads. Noah is a KC bike commuter. Not sure how I stumbled on his blog, but I’ve been reading it for about a year. Great photos, and this dude inspired me to get off my fat butt, and got onto the saddle.