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Weekend Recap

May 5, 2008

Friday –

– Went out to eat with the wife and kid, I think.  At this point, Friday is already blurring.  I hardly remember ye.

Saturday –

– This is sad.  I hardly remember Saturday too.  Oh wait.  Now I remember.  Wife and I drove around eventually ending up in Madison, NJ.  We stopped at the newish Stop & Shop (grand opening for the recent expansion).  Had some lunch from the deli, it was good.  She had some kind of chicken sandwich thingy with strange topping, I had a ham salad sandwich and lived to regret it.  Kirsten just wanted a roll with cheese.  She is on this cheese kick lately.  She got a balloon tied to look like a flower.  It lasted about an hour, and I think she hated the clown.

After which, we went over to my sister’s.  She made us some nice lasagna (my favorite Italian dish).  We brought the salad.  I tried a gross banana 99 proof drink.  Yuck.  Root beer was better.  Or, Diet Dr. Thunder.  That’s right!  We drink the Walmart sodas!  We watched ET.  It was on the tube, and we were all feeling nostalgic.  Drew Barrymore was still cute then.  Boy did she sure lose it growing up.

Sunday –

Went to church and I arrived 15 minutes late for parking lot duty.  I got a sorta lecture from one of the other guy, who I’m sure passed it on from up top (or close enough to the top).  He’s right.  I’m lazy sometimes, and with only one car, it is hard to get everyone going in the morning.  The sermon was ok, but I honestly don’t remember most of it.  I think the key point was that we should not be so focused on seeking out signs and wonders.  More stuff about the couple that died because they mislead the church about their givings, and a good joke about “Henny Binn”.

I came home from church and took a long nap.  So long, in fact, that I missed the Celtics shut the door on those poor Hawks.  Those poor little wittle Hawks.  Go home!

With the good news in my head, I felt inspired.  We rented a tiller and with the help of my brother inlaw, we turned my wife’s garden.  Yes, my neck and shoulders were very sore, but I was able to get the rototiller back in time (this morning at 7 am) to avoid the 24 hour fee.

Now here I am at work.  Soon to leave for home.  Maybe I’ll study for my exams.  I should.  I probably won’t.

110 – 85

May 1, 2008

Silencing the critics…again.

Hawks Are Silencing Celtics Fans (and the critics)

April 29, 2008

I am at a loss. The Celtics should be gearing up for the next round of the playoffs right now. Instead, they are gearing up for at least two more games with the Atlanta Hawks.

Yesterday’s 4th quarter was terrible. The Celtics came in with a ten point lead, but that was quickly erased with 5 quick ones. I’m sorry, but if they play so well during the season only to lose in the first round, then the entire season was a joke.

This coming off of a sweep by the Rays. The Red Sox batters have been largely quiet the last week or so. Some phenomenal efforts by the pitching (excluding the bullpen), but crickets on the bats.

Well, I hope the Celtics can turn this around. I would love to see a Celtics vs. Lakers finals.

Mike Bibby – Atlanta Hawks – Bandwagon Aficionado

April 23, 2008

Apparently Mike Bibby was feeling rather annoyed and called Celtic fans, Bandwagon Jumpers.  If that’s the case, they certainly never rooted for the Hawks.  Blahahahaha!

Fair weather?  I’ve been wearing the same Celtics long sleeve shirt for years now.  Yes, it probably needs to go in the washing machine.

Me?  I may be white, but I bleed green!

Go get em Celts!

Celtics Sweep the Texas Triangle

March 21, 2008

Celtics had a hard but very successful road trip out in the Lone Star State. They beat the Champions, knocked down a long winning streak, and had a thriller in Dallas.

I have to say that this is a very impressive team. With three stars on one team, they are all proving to be generous. This team is just fun to watch. I hope that, like the 80s, they can keep the magic going for a long time.

It would be nice if, like the 80s, we actually had a good president.

Two Game Skid

January 15, 2008

I have been too busy to pay attention to the Celtics the last week, but I see they’ve been stumbling a bit, losing two in a row.  I don’t know the details to those games, so I couldn’t guess as to whether or not this is a sign of things to come, or if they’ll be back on track with the next game.

The local radio is advertising package deals for Knicks-Lakers games and Knicks-Celtics games.  The Knicks are the most overpaid and lousy team.  Now they have to resort to selling off tickets for better visiting teams. 

Still, the Celtics have the best record.  If they can keep on track, this team has the potential to go down as one of the best teams in Celtic’s history.  That is saying a LOT.

The Truth Rocks the Sonics

December 28, 2007

Though I missed the game, I was indeed impressed with Paul’s efforts to overcome Seattle.  Seattle seemed to put up a good fight scoring 27 in the 3rd to bring it close, until the whirlwind that is Pierce, came through with every possible type of shot known to mankind.

I wish I saw that game, because it is very exciting when someone is on fire.  He was, and they won on his shoulders.  Luckily for him, he is not the main person they rely on.  With Ray Allen and KG playing for the C’s, he can enjoy the fact that the focus isn’t always on him.

Yesterday’s game should prove how underrated Pierce’s career has been.  With over 15,000 points in his career, averaging 23.5 PPG, he should definitely rank well above average.  He is a fighter and a leader.  While going through most of his career during “rebuilding eras”, he was expected to inspire and teach the young players.  If you have your doubts, take a look at Chauncey now. 

I was a Walker fan for awhile, because Walker has a ton of charisma, but I think in the long run, Pierce will go down as one of the elite Celtics along with Bird and Russell.  At the age of 30, he still has some prime years to go before the inevitable downfall occurs, but if he gains 1 or 2 championships with the Big 3, we’ll be retiring his jersey sometime in the future.

16-0 Dilemma

December 26, 2007

Some talking heads from ESPN radio (namely, a sub for Colin’s show), decided that the Patriots are wussies for playing all the big guys this Saturday against the Giants.  His reasons are that:

a.  The giants aren’t starting their starters
b.  The Patriots are just trying to get some records and pad everything.
c.  Give the jv guys a chance to start.
d.  Patriot fans will whine if Brady or Moss get injured – wouldn’t that be irony (he seems real hopeful of that).

Sigh.  One is left to wonder when a game simply becomes unimportant.  A loss is a loss.  To give up at this point would be obscene.  If Brady and co. were to sit out this weekend, this same person would find a way to criticize Bellichick for resting the dominant players when they do not need the rest, as they have dominated everyone the entire season.

The worst that can happen is that Brady or Moss get injured.  So what.  This could happen in the playoffs.  Then what?  If you don’t WIN the Superbowl, then nothing matters.  All the salivating over Romo and Manning won’t mean jack if they can’t get the ring.  If the Patriots win it all, it will be deemed the most dominating and impressive team in NFL history.  Period.  End of story.  Dolphins of ’72 did not play 19 to get to their record, and did not deal with the salary cap.

So, Mr. Sub of the Herd, please do me a favor, and SHUT UP!  Yes, it is so vogue to berate and complain about the Patriots.  Don’t forget, us Patriot fans had to deal with the embarrasment of 1 and 2 game winners in seasons past.  We dealt with close calls, and embarrassing Super Bowl losses.   Heck, some of us even died after celebrating too much in ’85.

Boston fans know pain and suffering probably more than most (with the respectful exception of the Cleveland Indians).  As the Celtics go out to the West to prove their worthiness, the MSM will only continue to find faults with the small city on the hill, frozen in the Northeast.  If Boston gets the triple crown of sports (maybe quadrupple, if the B’s have anything to say), Mr. Sub Radio Guy, will probably cry in frustration about his beloved Yankees and Giants of yesteryear.

To Brady and company:  Go get em!  Beat on the Giants like no tomorrow.  Take a few days off, and then do the same to your next three opponents.  As for me, I will enjoy this unusual success while it lasts.

Celtics Are Looking Great!

December 3, 2007

The Celtics have had their best start in years.  9-0 at home makes them comparable to the C’s of 85-86.  Championship bells in your ears anyone?  (Premature, yes).

With the Big Three of the 21st Century having a field day against basically anyone that plays at Boston, this could turn into a season for the record books.

Yes, after 15 games or so, I am forecasting way too much.  All three are not exactly reaching their prime at this stage in their careers, but all three have shown no signs of stopping the domination.  Once again, we have a fun basketball team in Boston.

Highlight of the season has to be Allen’s 3 point beater to win the game.  This reminded me of old Larry Bird tapes.  The man is just clutch.

Have fun Celtic fans, we are the team to beat this year.  Those men are hungry for the ring, and are tired of losing.