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Family Bible Study

June 5, 2008

Last night I was on my way to return a movie we rented from RedBox.  While looking through the movies, a thought occurred to me.  Lately we have been spending our evenings watching videos.  Nothing wrong with that, but I’m sure I could find something more useful to spend my nights with.  I think I had one of those God moments.  You know, those moments where you have a thought that is outside your usual thinking process.  “Why don’t you read the Bible with your family tonight?”

Okay.  So I played a few worship songs on the guitar, we sang, prayed, and read Joshua 2.  This is where the Hebrew spies are scoping Jericho.  Rehab (the Harlot) had hidden these spies, and when the government came knocking, she mislead the government.  A huge question my wife and I were discussing was if she was considered a liar because she lied to the officials.  I’m still trying to dig my way through this one.  We brought up the underground railroad, and how the engineers were breaking the law, but we believed they were answering to a higher authority.  They had to free the slaves, and had that right based on the principal that no man should be a slave.

After we finished, I came to the conclusion that God was right.  A family Bible study is a good thing.  I want my children to grow up knowing we tried everything we could to lead them to the Lord and live as shining examples of who Godly parents are.


Trust God

March 18, 2008

Amidst all the turmoil that is going on in the world right now, take heart and realize that God is in control.

We as Americans have had a pretty good life for the most part, with some bumpy roads.  Sure, history has shown some terrible times, whether under various corrupt presidential administrations (Harding, Kennedy, anyone?), or through economic woes, wars, and even great impoverishment, we have been there before.

Looking at the current events, it may be hard to have a positive outlook.  While the world is determined to unify and go down that slippery slope, this is a time when we as Christians need to trust God.  This is only the beginning.

We should be the ones who are financially responsible.  Too many Christians have way too much Credit Card debt.  I myself was in that trap a few years ago.  To use a credit card to survive is like slapping God in the face.  So, in terms of economics, let us be the responsible ones.

We should not be so quick to support a war simply because a pro-life president wants it.  This war in Iraq has solved nothing.  Dictators have existed for sometime now, and currently exist not even 90 miles away from our shores.  Stop being duped into lies, people!

God is to be trusted.  After all, He has the strength like no other, and is not equaled in intelligence.  He is not in despair.  While the world is going down the toilet, God has a plan even today, even for you.

Stand Up And Fight!

March 14, 2008

Everyone, repeat after me:

“We are in a recession.”
“Our government is too big.”
“We don’t really follow the Constitution.”
“We are creating wars.”
“Our dollar is at an all-time low.”
“The price of oil is at an all-time high.”
“Major investment firms are going broke.”

So what should we do? I think we need to kick out our current government. We are about 30 years overdue for a Revolution. The ride we are in for is not a quick and easy one. Since we have a generation of baby boomers that cared not for the future generations, we have serious issues that are not easily resolved. It is time to stand up and fight.

Look at the current Election race. Why are we so intent on allowing Hillary, McCain, or Obama take control? What difference will they make? None. Actually, it may seem impossible, but they will only do more damage to our nation. Stand up and fight, brothers. Enough is enough.

I am glad I have a God who never forgets His children. So if in 10 or 15 years, we are a 3rd world country, I will have peace that God will watch over my family. If in the next few years, I have to stand up against the oppressive government, I know that through God, I can do it. God is no respecter of men, and that is something all Christians should take to heart.

We must stand up and fight. Fight the good fight for our children’s sake, and their children. The world has its idea of what life is, and we have ours.

I am concerned for us. I love our country, and have traveled throughout most of it. I know the struggles the average American faces. While the middle class is disappearing at an alarm rate, the government and elite pile on more burdens. Some is our blame. We need to stop the credit cycle, and request real money. We need to read the fine print and not expect the government to help us out when we can no longer afford our house.

At the same time, we need the government to not take us, as citizens, for granted. They need to realize that the money printing, and insane spending is going to stop. They need to know that their very jobs are on the line.

Who is with me? Again, this is not for the weak. We need the strong and bold to come against this beast and bring the monster down. Otherwise, the longer we wait, the harder it will be, and eventually, it just may be. Too late.

Raising a Family

February 19, 2008

For years I feared having children.  I was happy to live in selfish harmony.  The wife and I married young and it was 5 years before my first child was born.  My firstborn will be 2 this year, and we have a second on the way mid-July.  I am slowly forgetting what life was like before I had children and it doesn’t bother me.

I know that a bunch of environmentalists will say that it is selfish to bare children.  The world is overpopulated and that children cause a great stress on mom nature.  What I say to them is:  SUCK IT!  Seriously, get over yourselves.  Having children is a commandment by God.  Be fruitful and multiply.  That isn’t a suggestion, but an order.

I think the average American family is sized at about 2 children now.  A family of 4 is now considered the norm, if not a little large.  Well, if God has His way, I want to multiply.  We are both in our late 20s, so we have plenty of time to procreate.  The world finds it odd the large, white, homeschooled family, and all the siblings get along.  Well, you’re about to get another strange white homeschooled family that functions properly.

Oh, but you’ll estrange your children by homeschooling them!  Bull.  I wonder when the last time a homeschooled Christian child went into a mall or school and shot up his peers.  It just doesn’t happen.  We will sacrifice some finances to make this work, and if we have to, leave the state, because it is my duty to love and protect my children.  Besides, the average public school kid acts like an estranged freak that is mad at the world.  How is that for social skills?

So, if God wills, we will have a bunch of white children, homeschooled, socially superior to their public school peers, and capable of carrying on a conversation with an adult.  Meanwhile, the state will try to take that right away from me, as it does my right to bear arms, to smoke herbs, and to crack a beer open in a public park.

Raising a family is no simple task.  Simple in it’s day-to-day operation, but in the long run, the parents are held responsible if their children grow up screwed up.  If I haven’t done my duty, which is to honor my wife, love my children, and show them the truth of Jesus, then I have failed.  If they decide in their adult life, that after hearing the Word, seeing the fruits of the Word in action, and still decide to deny Him, then I am not held responsible.  If I fail on my part. The most important, to show them the love of God, and they never receive Him, then I will forever have their blood upon my hands. 

This is scary.  God chose me to raise His kids.  He chose me to teach them about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  They have to know that Jesus is God.  Jesus is the savior, not some weak hippy out for world peace, but a perfect man that is the ultimate Warrior, and the ultimate King.

Please friends, say a prayer for another father that holds a great responsibility.  Us men need to stick together.