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Lunch Time Jam

April 16, 2008

Well…in the sense of a 1 person jam.

I went to a park during lunch and played my D-03 for about 40 minutes.  A few worship songs, an old Elton John tune, and some King’s X.  I love to get alone and just cower over the guitar once in awhile, singing my heart out.

I think I’ll take the night off from studying, and house work and just have some fun with my daughter.


No TV For A Night

March 12, 2008

Monday I told my wife that we would not turn the television on for at least 24 hours.  I couldn’t believe how much I did that night, and I noticed that I didn’t snack as much too.  We don’t even have cable, but somehow we rack up the hours watching stupid shows.  I think it is because by the end of the day we are both exhausted and the couch is our temporary vacation.

Don’t get a wrong picture, my wife is not a couch potato.  Even at five months pregnant, her height/weight ratio is still considered average.  When she is not pregnant, she usually weighs in at most, 115 lbs.   I on the other hand, could stand to lose about 40 lbs.

TV is a distraction.  While not all of it is terrible, I think Americans have come to accept it as a normal part of everyday life.   We have stacks of board games and puzzles that rarely get usage, and we have the great outdoors right outside our house.  I wonder how much time I have wasted this year sitting in front of the tube watching some stupid sitcom or reality show.  I would be ashamed to find out.

I am most to blame for this.  My wife had wise parents who chose not to join in and never bought a TV.  The only negative to that, is that she doesn’t understand much of the 80s and 90s pop culture gained from being a couch potato.  When out with friends, and we mention a certain cartoon or character, she is left completely clueless.  Of course, when she wants, she can turn the table, and mention some obscure author or artist leaving the rest of us reaching for our dictionaries (well, we don’t have any in reality).

I have been contemplating throwing out the damned thing.  My daughter is starting to recognize commercials, and she is not even two years old!

So on Monday we had a night without TV.  It was a great experience that I hope soon to repeat.

Raising a Family

February 19, 2008

For years I feared having children.  I was happy to live in selfish harmony.  The wife and I married young and it was 5 years before my first child was born.  My firstborn will be 2 this year, and we have a second on the way mid-July.  I am slowly forgetting what life was like before I had children and it doesn’t bother me.

I know that a bunch of environmentalists will say that it is selfish to bare children.  The world is overpopulated and that children cause a great stress on mom nature.  What I say to them is:  SUCK IT!  Seriously, get over yourselves.  Having children is a commandment by God.  Be fruitful and multiply.  That isn’t a suggestion, but an order.

I think the average American family is sized at about 2 children now.  A family of 4 is now considered the norm, if not a little large.  Well, if God has His way, I want to multiply.  We are both in our late 20s, so we have plenty of time to procreate.  The world finds it odd the large, white, homeschooled family, and all the siblings get along.  Well, you’re about to get another strange white homeschooled family that functions properly.

Oh, but you’ll estrange your children by homeschooling them!  Bull.  I wonder when the last time a homeschooled Christian child went into a mall or school and shot up his peers.  It just doesn’t happen.  We will sacrifice some finances to make this work, and if we have to, leave the state, because it is my duty to love and protect my children.  Besides, the average public school kid acts like an estranged freak that is mad at the world.  How is that for social skills?

So, if God wills, we will have a bunch of white children, homeschooled, socially superior to their public school peers, and capable of carrying on a conversation with an adult.  Meanwhile, the state will try to take that right away from me, as it does my right to bear arms, to smoke herbs, and to crack a beer open in a public park.

Raising a family is no simple task.  Simple in it’s day-to-day operation, but in the long run, the parents are held responsible if their children grow up screwed up.  If I haven’t done my duty, which is to honor my wife, love my children, and show them the truth of Jesus, then I have failed.  If they decide in their adult life, that after hearing the Word, seeing the fruits of the Word in action, and still decide to deny Him, then I am not held responsible.  If I fail on my part. The most important, to show them the love of God, and they never receive Him, then I will forever have their blood upon my hands. 

This is scary.  God chose me to raise His kids.  He chose me to teach them about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  They have to know that Jesus is God.  Jesus is the savior, not some weak hippy out for world peace, but a perfect man that is the ultimate Warrior, and the ultimate King.

Please friends, say a prayer for another father that holds a great responsibility.  Us men need to stick together.