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Blanking the IRS

April 15, 2008

I’m going to be sending out a check tonight to the IRS.  Yay.

Please excuse me if I seem a little cranky.  It is never fun giving away my hard-earned money to money grubbing bums.

Yes.  Liberals.  You get what you vote for.  More taxes = less commerce.  Figure out the simple math logic.  Less taxes = more money to give to charities of worth.

On my way to drop off the check, I’ll also be voting NO on raising the town school budget.  No thank you.  The public school system has no concept of budgeting, and does not deserve 15 or 20 million more to go into.  My property taxes are already at astronomical levels, that I cannot afford the township to come around to reassess them at a higher rate.

Now, if Americans would get rid of the “gimme, gimme” attitude that they hold, we’d probably be a thousand times better off.  Instead of electing do-nothing politicians that sit around boasting about their yachts out on the cape, maybe we should abolish their salaries and elect people that actually want to serve this country for the betterment of it.

If most of us took the example of the government, we’d all be out on the streets.  You can’t live beyond your means accruing more debt.  On the same token, when you gain more debt, this does not give you the right to go and steal your neighbor’s hard earned cash.

I say start by ridding ourselves of the following programs and institutions:

Department of Agriculture
Department of Education
Drug Enforcement Agency
Homeland Security
War on Drugs
War on Terror
State College and University Funding

And, we should move the capital to Indianapolis or some other mid-western state.  Washington D.C. is at a point of no return.


Ron Paul Accepts Nomination

April 1, 2008

In an unprecedented move, John McCain has stepped down from the Presidential race, citing his age and need to spend time with his family.

“My son is about to graduate from the Naval Academy, and that being said, I have decided to concentrate on the finer things in life”, said the Senator from his posh Arizona homestead.

“Reality begins to sink in. The dollar is at an all-time low, and we are strapped for cash because of our overspending. I realize that I am not the man for this job. I humbly hand over my support to Dr. Ron Paul, and trust that most Americans will begin to see the light.” “Ron Paul is a man of strong conviction that opposes the Patriot Act, Real ID, and this unjust quote>War on Terror</quote.”

Ron Paul is set to appear on a nationally televised conference at 11:59 PM EST 4/1/2008 from his campaign headquarters in Texas. Early statements are that he will humbly accept the Republican Nomination for the 2008 Presidential Election.

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have switched parties claiming this to be an outright infringement on their rights to oppose the Constitution. In today’s broadcast on Rush’s radio show, he has finally come out and admitted his love for Hillary Clinton, and his strong admiration for her thighs. Hannity is going for Obama, for “he is the Great White hope”.

Troops are already returning home from all corners of the world. The dollar skyrocketed to an all time high. Federal Reserve executives have been found lying around the grounds of the Eccles Building in Washington DC, in apparent mass attempts at suicide. Fortunately, the building is not a high rise, so only minor injuries were reported.

More news after tonight.

Who’s on Second?

January 21, 2008

Paul finished number two in Nevada.  Great!  The problem?  The bias of the media was so apparent.  They mentioned the number 1, but not number 2.  I told my wife that it seems the MSM will only mention their favors only up to a point.  If Paul finished fourth, they mention 1, 2, and 3.  Paul finished number 2.  They didn’t mention anyone but the number 1 (I don’t care to mention his name, but it is not my job to report the news).

So, mainstream media.  Who, perchance, finished number 2 in Nevada?

This game that the media is playing is so obvious now, that it borderlines on the boring.  Thank God for the internet.

Vote Belichick!

January 10, 2008

Strong on defense, not afraid to use surveillance!


 Go Pats!


Vaccinations, Gun Rights, Ron Paul, and other Ruminations

November 20, 2007

Interesting discussions going on over at Nate’s blog about guns and vaccinations. Damn, this system is so screwed up. Please educate yourself on the matter in which vaccinations are created and researched before poisoning yourself or your young ones. The MMR vaccination was created on the deaths of innocent unborn children. Words run through my head that my wife would slap me for mentioning when I think of that. Merck is a death camp of a company that runs a shady business which capitalized on unborn children’s demise.

For all those fools getting that flu vaccine: It doesn’t work. In fact, it is most likely successful at spreading the illness. Oh yeah, if you shoot yourself up with it more than five years in a row, your chances of getting Alzheimer’s are pretty likely. They load the stuff with aluminum.

I’m pissed because I was not as educated before. We are going to be much more selective when vaccinating our children. The chicken pox vaccination? What a stupid waste. Hep B? Unnecessary for anyone that is not sexually active or remains pure to their wife/husband. Why the hell are young children getting jammed with needles supposedly protecting themselves from Hep B. The list goes on and on.

Big school wants money. Big school says, no school for you unless you have the shots. Big school likes to have money to spend on a lousy education. The formula is relentless and cyclical. “More money, lower standards, and heck, let us teach them how to spread STDs while we are at it. Oh yeah, God is a myth too. Sorry, go home and cry about it.”

Big school, big vaccine pharma, and big government all at work to lower your quality of life.

Anti-gun right activists have a racist agenda they cannot erase:

Thanks Vox.

So, the same school that is causing problems in the inner city and black neighborhoods, caused problems for them back in the day. These anti-gun activists are nothing but closet racists. Call it the white-guilt complex, but these liberals who claim they are reaching out to the ghetto or the black towns are doing nothing but patting themselves on the back for their “honorable work”. Honorable? These clowns are the very ones that are forcing these people to stay stuck on welfare and food stamps. I grew up in a poor neighborhood, and black or white, it doesn’t matter, if you are receiving handouts, it is hard as hell to get out of that system. It is time for some cold turkey.

Keep the guns in the hands of the people. Maybe it is time we outlawed guns for the poh leese. They seem to like shooting people on a daily basis.

Ron Paul continues to embarrass lamestream media and the GOP. He is raising money and spending it wisely (unlike Romniani). I think if Hillary has anyone to fear, it is Ron Paul. Why are so many stupid people putting their faith behind neocons and liberals? They have nothing to offer but the same old junk.

Yep, Hillary will probably bomb Iran. She is a warmongering feminist, as all feminist love violence. This is why abortion is their main token. What else is more violent then putting a pair of pliers up a women’s body and shredding to pieces the living baby? Why do all abortion clinics have buckets near the bedsides? Is it for the mother/killer to barf in? No, it is to put the pieces of the dead baby and dispose of. Abortion is more evil then slavery.

First Time I Donated

October 11, 2007

I just donated a paltry 10.00 to the Ron Paul campaign. This is the first time I have ever donated money to any presidential candidate. 10 bucks is all that I could afford right now.

Those that want to donate, it is as easy as can be. Go to and click on the Donate Today button underneath the Lady Liberty drawing. With every multi-gazillionaire running with disposable incomes, RP can use as much of our support as possible. 10 bucks here, 20 bucks there can go a long way when added up.

I want to show the world that Americans are serious about liberty and the war. We are serious about restoring our nation to a stable economy, bringing the dollar back to the gold standard, and pursuing positive foreign relations with other nations.

Back From Beautiful Burlington!

October 8, 2007

Took a ten day trip visiting family in Connecticut and exploring Vermont. The Burlington area was beautiful, though the colors have not changed yet. On Wednesday, I took a 20 mile bike ride alongside Lake Champlain. No, I did not see Champ, but I did behold some gorgeous scenery. I will definitely be making a stop in Burlington again.

The Sox did not crumble as I previously predicted. They finished strong and swept the Angels in typical fashion. The Angels have little success against the Red Sox in the playoffs. Here’s hoping that the Indians can get it done this week. ALCS starts Friday, and the Sox have made it once again!

Plenty has happened since being on hiatus. Ron Paul has raised 5 million dollars in record speed. Finally the media has to take recognition that those for liberty are serious. Buh bye McCain! You’re done, even before you know it. Move over Romney and company, here comes a real man. Beware Hillary, we’re coming to stop you too. You have no chance if you face off against Dr. Paul.

I created an adsense account, debating on putting it up on this site or not. Not that this site generates a lot of hits, but the extra cash could come in handy. If not, I’ll probably just put it up on my very inactive guitar blog.

After being out for about 10 days, I feel more at ease with everything. The world moved on without my needing to go to Drudge Report every hour, or checking the lines on ESPN. Oh yeah, the Patriots continue to roll over their opponents. Dallas v. Patriots this coming Sunday. Finally, a game worth watching.

Two Kinds of Global Warming

September 25, 2007

What is obvious is that there is a major agenda that wishes to end capitalism. Using the word “environmentalism” to disguise their true intentions. Trust me, most of these major organizations do not care about our environment, but care more about their political beliefs.

I came across this article trying to find a different perspective on the popular theory of global warming. With most believing that man are the root cause of environmental catastrophe, Ben Love Joy dares to counter them with some hard facts and resources. This well written article should be read by anyone concerned with our environment.

Here’s a teaser:

Imagine the strident tones of ‘environmental groups’ if the Earth’s temperature were to increase not by 0.7C or 1.4C in 100 years, but by between 3C and 5C in just 20 years!

They would want planes grounded, cars banned, hairspray production stopped …

Well, NASA reports that gas-content measurements of the Greenland ice cores show that exactly that rate of increase occured. Approximately 200,000 years ago. So, uh, probably not due to me doing a few extra laps of the Nurburgring, then …

He has inspired me to listen to the next Sierra Club member that stops over to proselytize. I want to see how long it takes them to start bringing politics into it (poor misguided soul).

So click here to affirm your current opinion or to open your mind to a different thought.

Candidate Calculator

September 24, 2007

I am 95 percent like Ron Paul based on this candidate calculator. I don’t know where I differed. What is your score?

Hillary – Better Not Make Me

September 18, 2007

She said she could envision a day when “you have to show proof to your employer that you’re insured as a part of the job interview — like when your kid goes to school and has to show proof of vaccination,”

This lady is out to ruin the already pathetic state of our nation. Because some socialists dream of a utopian society that would require everyone to worship at the feet of the Shebeast, we are all going to be left poor and sick. Thanks. Communists: requiring nationalized health care is anti-free market, and will only serve to destroy our fine health care system.

How one lady from Chicago can stomp over the Constitution in such fashion and with so much power is beyond comprehension. Why do so many of you Hillaryites trust her? What is it about her that is so appealing? Do you seriously believe that socialism/communism works? Do you really think Mr. Madison had health care in mind when penning the Bill of Rights?

This Bush-Clinton chain needs to be stopped. Our country is sick and tired of bombing other nations for oil. We’re weary of special rights for illegal aliens, and personally, another black hole social program to benefit nobody but those gaining a salary from the Feds is cause to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

If Hillary becomes president, be prepared for a continuation of Bush’s agenda and then some. When everyone is crying and complaining that she is no better then the previous president, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

Me, I’m going to “waste” a vote on Ron Paul. Maybe after we destroy this country, we’ll be ready to rebuild it with people who actually understand freedom. Maybe.