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I’m Done With The NFL

February 14, 2008

Patriots have been taping games since 2000.  This means I no longer care about the NFL.  Roger Goodell covered up this known action for a long time.

I’ve followed the New England Patriots since I was a grade school student.  It is with little pain that I now end my allegience to this team.  I was duped as was the entire world into believing those Super Bowl Championships were legitimate.

Now, Arlen Specter is nothing but a crazed Eagles fan trying to use his government muscle to control a private industry.  Congress should have no bearing on whether or not a team tape recorded another team’s signs.  Mr. Specter, please focus on our troops in Iraq, you are a shame of a politician.

To the New England Patriots:  It was fun while it lasted, but I’m sick of cheaters, so farewell my friends, I will no longer waste another Sunday watching you.


OK, Just To Clarify

February 4, 2008

The biggest upset in sports history is still the 2004 Yankees/Red Sox ALCS.  For a team to come back 0-3 and to win in the fashion in which they did, nothing can surpass that.  Nothing.

Wasn’t Meant To Be – Congratulations Giants!

February 4, 2008

I tip my hats to the NY Giants and congratulate the team and their fans.  They were the better team last night and deserve the Super Bowl Championship.

This was indeed a classic season for the NFL. 

As a Boston fan though, my main team is always the Boston Red Sox who will raise another banner this April!  While the Patriots pulled off the greatest choke in football history, I kept remembering the satisfying team the Bosox pulled off only a few short months ago.  Yes, Tom Brady proved himself human last night.  What hurt him will only make him stronger.  He’s surely got at least 1 or 2 more rings in his career.

Defense!  Defense!  Coach Bill lost at his own game.  18-1 does indeed look pathetic with the end results.  NYers, go ahead and gloat!  Have fun, and enjoy it.  As we in New England fully understand now, a championship team is a great feeling.  Remember though, this Patriots dynasty ain’t done yet.

The best thing about Santana going to the Mets?  Jacoby stays with the Red Sox and the Yankees have to find their ace elsewhere.  With Beckett, Dice K, and a healthy Schilling, this looks like another exciting season.  Pitchers and catchers is only 9 days 23 hours and 45 minutes away!

I might surprise the wife with a trip to Fort Myers to catch a few Spring Training games this year.

Vote Belichick!

January 10, 2008

Strong on defense, not afraid to use surveillance!


 Go Pats!


16-0 Dilemma

December 26, 2007

Some talking heads from ESPN radio (namely, a sub for Colin’s show), decided that the Patriots are wussies for playing all the big guys this Saturday against the Giants.  His reasons are that:

a.  The giants aren’t starting their starters
b.  The Patriots are just trying to get some records and pad everything.
c.  Give the jv guys a chance to start.
d.  Patriot fans will whine if Brady or Moss get injured – wouldn’t that be irony (he seems real hopeful of that).

Sigh.  One is left to wonder when a game simply becomes unimportant.  A loss is a loss.  To give up at this point would be obscene.  If Brady and co. were to sit out this weekend, this same person would find a way to criticize Bellichick for resting the dominant players when they do not need the rest, as they have dominated everyone the entire season.

The worst that can happen is that Brady or Moss get injured.  So what.  This could happen in the playoffs.  Then what?  If you don’t WIN the Superbowl, then nothing matters.  All the salivating over Romo and Manning won’t mean jack if they can’t get the ring.  If the Patriots win it all, it will be deemed the most dominating and impressive team in NFL history.  Period.  End of story.  Dolphins of ’72 did not play 19 to get to their record, and did not deal with the salary cap.

So, Mr. Sub of the Herd, please do me a favor, and SHUT UP!  Yes, it is so vogue to berate and complain about the Patriots.  Don’t forget, us Patriot fans had to deal with the embarrasment of 1 and 2 game winners in seasons past.  We dealt with close calls, and embarrassing Super Bowl losses.   Heck, some of us even died after celebrating too much in ’85.

Boston fans know pain and suffering probably more than most (with the respectful exception of the Cleveland Indians).  As the Celtics go out to the West to prove their worthiness, the MSM will only continue to find faults with the small city on the hill, frozen in the Northeast.  If Boston gets the triple crown of sports (maybe quadrupple, if the B’s have anything to say), Mr. Sub Radio Guy, will probably cry in frustration about his beloved Yankees and Giants of yesteryear.

To Brady and company:  Go get em!  Beat on the Giants like no tomorrow.  Take a few days off, and then do the same to your next three opponents.  As for me, I will enjoy this unusual success while it lasts.

Back From Beautiful Burlington!

October 8, 2007

Took a ten day trip visiting family in Connecticut and exploring Vermont. The Burlington area was beautiful, though the colors have not changed yet. On Wednesday, I took a 20 mile bike ride alongside Lake Champlain. No, I did not see Champ, but I did behold some gorgeous scenery. I will definitely be making a stop in Burlington again.

The Sox did not crumble as I previously predicted. They finished strong and swept the Angels in typical fashion. The Angels have little success against the Red Sox in the playoffs. Here’s hoping that the Indians can get it done this week. ALCS starts Friday, and the Sox have made it once again!

Plenty has happened since being on hiatus. Ron Paul has raised 5 million dollars in record speed. Finally the media has to take recognition that those for liberty are serious. Buh bye McCain! You’re done, even before you know it. Move over Romney and company, here comes a real man. Beware Hillary, we’re coming to stop you too. You have no chance if you face off against Dr. Paul.

I created an adsense account, debating on putting it up on this site or not. Not that this site generates a lot of hits, but the extra cash could come in handy. If not, I’ll probably just put it up on my very inactive guitar blog.

After being out for about 10 days, I feel more at ease with everything. The world moved on without my needing to go to Drudge Report every hour, or checking the lines on ESPN. Oh yeah, the Patriots continue to roll over their opponents. Dallas v. Patriots this coming Sunday. Finally, a game worth watching.

Chargers – Shut Down Like Momma’s Prohibition Era Bartap

September 17, 2007

Critics left and right (including myself) were shut up after last nights routing of the San Diego Chargers.  LTjr was beat around like a stretch armstrong doll getting handled by a couple 5 year old boys.  What a game played by Tom Brady and company.

Hopefully the doubters will see just how talented this team is and give them credit.  If not, that is okay too, because I believe the critics simply fanned the fire of the New England Patriots.   They’ve quieted me down.

The magic number is down to 9.  Should have been down to 7.  Schilling pitched quite a game last night, but the mismanagement of Tito left us watching Captain Jeter take the game ball home.  Clemens seemed to be like the old Clemens last night with a only a few hits allowed after 7 innings of play.  I really thought this was the game for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox are leaving me in sweats as usual.  Can’t wait for the season to finally be over just so my pulse rate average goes back down below 80 bpm.  Odds are saying to bet on the Red Sox to win the division, the Yankees the Wild Card.  We’ll see.  I am not putting my money anywhere yet.  This whole season has been best titled with the phrase, “It is too early to tell.”  Seems like it will be too early to tell for another week.

Beckett pitched a gem on Saturday, and with the 10-1 routing, the Sox actually scored more runs total the entire weekend then the Yankees.  Beckett should  be a shoo-in for the Cy Young Award, and he’ll lock it up once he gains his 20th this week.

All in all, not a total loss for the Red Sox this weekend.  Losing 1 is better then losing 3.  Friday should have been ours, but time to look forward to the playoffs.