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Stand Up And Fight!

March 14, 2008

Everyone, repeat after me:

“We are in a recession.”
“Our government is too big.”
“We don’t really follow the Constitution.”
“We are creating wars.”
“Our dollar is at an all-time low.”
“The price of oil is at an all-time high.”
“Major investment firms are going broke.”

So what should we do? I think we need to kick out our current government. We are about 30 years overdue for a Revolution. The ride we are in for is not a quick and easy one. Since we have a generation of baby boomers that cared not for the future generations, we have serious issues that are not easily resolved. It is time to stand up and fight.

Look at the current Election race. Why are we so intent on allowing Hillary, McCain, or Obama take control? What difference will they make? None. Actually, it may seem impossible, but they will only do more damage to our nation. Stand up and fight, brothers. Enough is enough.

I am glad I have a God who never forgets His children. So if in 10 or 15 years, we are a 3rd world country, I will have peace that God will watch over my family. If in the next few years, I have to stand up against the oppressive government, I know that through God, I can do it. God is no respecter of men, and that is something all Christians should take to heart.

We must stand up and fight. Fight the good fight for our children’s sake, and their children. The world has its idea of what life is, and we have ours.

I am concerned for us. I love our country, and have traveled throughout most of it. I know the struggles the average American faces. While the middle class is disappearing at an alarm rate, the government and elite pile on more burdens. Some is our blame. We need to stop the credit cycle, and request real money. We need to read the fine print and not expect the government to help us out when we can no longer afford our house.

At the same time, we need the government to not take us, as citizens, for granted. They need to realize that the money printing, and insane spending is going to stop. They need to know that their very jobs are on the line.

Who is with me? Again, this is not for the weak. We need the strong and bold to come against this beast and bring the monster down. Otherwise, the longer we wait, the harder it will be, and eventually, it just may be. Too late.


ARM Loan Idiots

December 6, 2007

So Bush has decided to flex his fascist muscles and grant relief to the people that fell into the ARM loan trap.  A five year interest freeze on maybe 1.2 million loans could take place next year.

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A few years ago, before we bought our current house (on a FIXED 30 year mortgage, mind you), we debated moving out of our apartment and purchasing a condo. We went into a real estate office and they walked us through various loan plans. The loan plan that their in-house financial adviser tried to sell us on was an ARM loan. “Oh, don’t worry, in 5 years you’ll be making a lot more money and will sell your house for a large profit.”

We walked away without a loan and decided to continue renting. It is not the job of the government to rescue people from their irresponible actions. I am amazed that people were surprised when their rates went up. What do you think the word “adjustable” means? Oh, but the loan officer was very persuasive. Yes, he is like a used car salesman. Unfortunately, many were fooled and did not read the fine print.

A few years ago we were not qualified to own a house. When the loan offered resembled a credit card, we realized that it was time to leave and focus on paying off our debts. Through God, our debts were payed off. School loans, car loans, credit cards and personal debts were finished. We then qualified for a better loan that was FIXED.

House Hunting

May 11, 2007

The wife and I have been house hunting this past month. So far, no luck. We have decided on a few communities, trying to limit the commute time for myself. So far, the top of our list is Denville, NJ. Denville has a nice village, a commuter rail line, and some nice lake communities.

NJ is not a cheap part of the country, especially Morris County. We have spent the past 4 and a half years in Madison, NJ. Madison is a great community, less then 30 miles to the city with three colleges in town. Unfortunately, it is yuppified, so the housing is too high. Supposedly the real estate market is stale, but we haven’t seen any signs of that in Madison. Madison would be our top town if we could afford it.

We were very close to offering on a house. It was a house stuck in the 70’s, but had a ton of potential. No offers had been made on it, so the negotiation process would have been positive. We were headed out to our realtor’s office to fill out the paper work, hand in our offer letter, when we received a call from her. Someone else had offered on the house with no contingency (for the price we wanted to offer, but with contingencies). Ah well.

House hunting sucks.