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August 22, 2007

A Cape St. Claire man is behind bars for failing to clean up his junk-filled back yard, officials said.
In a case that has been dragging on for seven years, Judge Robert C. Wilcox gave George B. Hartsuff III an ultimatum this summer: Clean up the junk or spend 60 days in jail

You just have to love rednecks. I can’t understand why white trash persists in having a dirty yard with garbage piled a mile high. You don’t find too many yankees with the problem of trash collecting.

Driving around certain areas of the country, it is disgusting how they live. Litter all over the town, yards overgrown with weeds, and garbage stinking to high heaven. Most trailer trash take little to no pride in their community. This is an ongoing cyclic issue that began probably before the Civil War.

What is one of the biggest indicators that the house is usually occupied by white trash? Good ole bars and stars hanging from a broken window. I doubt if these hicks actually understand secession. It is more likely they are associating the flag with white power. Trash in equals trash out.