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Ron Paul Accepts Nomination

April 1, 2008

In an unprecedented move, John McCain has stepped down from the Presidential race, citing his age and need to spend time with his family.

“My son is about to graduate from the Naval Academy, and that being said, I have decided to concentrate on the finer things in life”, said the Senator from his posh Arizona homestead.

“Reality begins to sink in. The dollar is at an all-time low, and we are strapped for cash because of our overspending. I realize that I am not the man for this job. I humbly hand over my support to Dr. Ron Paul, and trust that most Americans will begin to see the light.” “Ron Paul is a man of strong conviction that opposes the Patriot Act, Real ID, and this unjust quote>War on Terror</quote.”

Ron Paul is set to appear on a nationally televised conference at 11:59 PM EST 4/1/2008 from his campaign headquarters in Texas. Early statements are that he will humbly accept the Republican Nomination for the 2008 Presidential Election.

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have switched parties claiming this to be an outright infringement on their rights to oppose the Constitution. In today’s broadcast on Rush’s radio show, he has finally come out and admitted his love for Hillary Clinton, and his strong admiration for her thighs. Hannity is going for Obama, for “he is the Great White hope”.

Troops are already returning home from all corners of the world. The dollar skyrocketed to an all time high. Federal Reserve executives have been found lying around the grounds of the Eccles Building in Washington DC, in apparent mass attempts at suicide. Fortunately, the building is not a high rise, so only minor injuries were reported.

More news after tonight.


Techies: Have you noticed an increase in Spoofing/Spam?

March 27, 2008

The solutions company I work for has noticed a large increase in customer complaints regarding email spoofing and spam hitting users inboxes.

A typical scenario so far, is that someone’s legitimate email address will become spoofed and then that user will receive a large amount of NDRs.  Or, spam will appear to be sent internally through fake usernames@legitimate  The spam filter is typically set to allow without filtering.  When doing a typical analysis, we find that the messages are originating from ISPs located in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Spoofing, and spam is nothing new, but I seriously believe that something new is on the rise that is beginning to outsmart current mail security measures.  Reply back if you have noticed this also.