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Southerners Love Their South

January 21, 2008

Yes, they do.  I could not carry as much pride for my region of which I originate, but dang, those Southerners love their home.  As a New Englander, born over 100 years after the Civil War, I am sorry to say that I had nothing to do with the that war.

Well, I am proud of the history of my area of the country.  After all, it was here that the Pilgrims came (accidentally) to have religious freedom so that they could worship God as they thought fit.  And forget what the editors of history want you to believe, these were peaceful people who lived in relative harmony with their native neighbors.

New England was where the abolition movement gained steam.  While I disagree with the violent end that many abolitionists came to, I do agree with the principle of their message, that no man should be a slave of another.

New England is where the revolution really started.  The Sons of Liberty were radicals intent on putting a thorn in the King’s hide.  They inspired the rest of the country to seriously consider separation from the Empire.  They were the first to lose blood, and the first to write a constitution up. 

Take Nathan Hale.  A man from rural Connecticut, who boldly proclaimed his young life for the cause against tyranny.   This was a product of Yale and the Yankee way.

The history of New England is something I can take pride in.  Great literary giants and artists called New England their home.  Mark Twain himself wrote his famous stuff while residing in Hartford, CT. 

Anyway, yes, New England is rich in history.  Unfortunately, New England is at a crossroads.  Fiscally conservative, and socially liberal, we have given our country people like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.  With the influence of postmodernism and secular humanism permeating most of our educational facilities, the byproduct that is resulted is a an attitude of laziness and anger.  We are a mean bunch at times, and fall into the stereotypes that our southern brothers created.

Why don’t we try to be more hospitable?  What happened to the inventive spirit that ran rampant during the industrial revolution?  When the blazes did the independent New Englander care about what the rest of the country is doing? 

I like the south.  It is a warmer part of the country that could never understand the hardship of cold New England winter.  Southerners are a hospitable type that like to feed you fried foods and gravyed biscuits.  Unfortunately, plenty of them are still bitter about that stupid war.  I only wish they would take to heart General Lee’s advise to “don’t bring up your sons to detest the United States Government. Recollect that we form one country now. Abandon all these local animosities, and make your sons Americans.” 

What he did AFTER the war was much more important than what he did DURING the war