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Puppets vs. Masters

September 19, 2008

Just a quick observation.  It seems people are easily influenced by people and perspectives they appreciate.  Especially bloggers on the internet.  If one person brings up a point, whether it is factual or not, it creates a firestorm of copycats repeating the same phrase almost verbatim.

Just look at the election race today.  We have bloggers posting “truths” about certain politicians, and in some cases those “truths” turn out to be false.  Because these faux-journalists were quick to break a story, or spread a rumor, they in turn damaged their own reputation (not that bloggers have much of a reputation).

I’ve noticed a bit of the lemming syndrome too.  Even on sites I like.  A blogger will make a statement, and instead of arguing with some amount of intelligence, plenty of people will just easily accept the point and make it their own without seriously considering other arguments.

This is not just limited to politico bloggers.  You can definitely deem many sports bloggers just as guilty.  When the spygate scandal broke out, I think Belicheat and Cheatriots became the most popular search terms during that month.

In conclusion, I believe the internet to be full of information, but it can be a tough task of deciphering whether or not that information is of any value.