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It Happened Again ?!*>#^v??

July 9, 2008

So I return home after a long bike ride in which I got lost for awhile.  I’m carrying my bicycle down the stairs and my wife explains, “Where have you been?”  She looked like she was in tears so I immediately thought she was in labor or something happened to my daughter.  Thankfully it was nothing that serious (though the labor will be coming any day now).

She was driving home after picking Kirsten up from her daycare stopped at a red light.  When the light turned green, she drove straight, and the person from the other direction turned left right into the driver side doors.  Man.  The same thing happened two years ago when we were close to delivery with our other child.

While the other driver is obviously at fault, I just hope that the stories are straight on the police report and that we experience no hassles from the insurance company.