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What’s The Story?

June 27, 2008

So I wake up yesterday morning to traffic lined down my street.  As I cruise past the suckers on my bicycle, I figure it must be an accident on Route 80 diverting the traffic down my one lane, one way, residential street.  This happens at least once a month.

Anyway, a few hours later I arrange for a transmission shop to pick up my dead car out of my driveway and bring it back to life.  You see, my Elantra has a broken clutch, and while I have the parts, I don’t have the patience to be on my back for 12 plus hours in the hot sun working on something I have little knowledge of.  I finally decided this is a job best left for the pros.

He gets my address and states the car will be gone within the hour.  Then he calls back.  “Isn’t your road still closed because of the cop shooting that occurred last night?” WTF?  Oh yeah, I guess around 2 in the morning their was some sort of car chase, cop pulls over a 21 year old local boy, fills him with five bullets, and the kid subsequently drives his car into a neighbor’s picket fence crashing into their above ground pool where his left dead with buckets of blood all over the place.

Great.  Without knowing all of the details, what seems like a routine traffic stop may have turned into a cop overreacting and filling a kid with lead.  From what everyone has said, he was a good kid with a clean record visiting home to see his kid brother graduate high school that same afternoon.

Folks, this is why I do not trust the police to protect us.  Because, you may catch a cop on a bad day, and you might just be his last straw.