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Random Grainy Photos

June 10, 2008

I was cleaning out the pictures from my camera phone, check em out:

Spaceship Kirsten

Kirsten in a Spaceship at the mall.

Close Up!!

I don’t remember, but she may have taken this one herself.

Taxi Girl

Here she is driving a taxi.  She loves these rides.  Kind of a waste of money, but they make her smile.

Puddle jump!

She is the destroyer of all puddles!

Ice cream

“No wanna more i cweam”  (No wanna means: I want or I don’t want).

Family Bible Study

June 5, 2008

Last night I was on my way to return a movie we rented from RedBox.  While looking through the movies, a thought occurred to me.  Lately we have been spending our evenings watching videos.  Nothing wrong with that, but I’m sure I could find something more useful to spend my nights with.  I think I had one of those God moments.  You know, those moments where you have a thought that is outside your usual thinking process.  “Why don’t you read the Bible with your family tonight?”

Okay.  So I played a few worship songs on the guitar, we sang, prayed, and read Joshua 2.  This is where the Hebrew spies are scoping Jericho.  Rehab (the Harlot) had hidden these spies, and when the government came knocking, she mislead the government.  A huge question my wife and I were discussing was if she was considered a liar because she lied to the officials.  I’m still trying to dig my way through this one.  We brought up the underground railroad, and how the engineers were breaking the law, but we believed they were answering to a higher authority.  They had to free the slaves, and had that right based on the principal that no man should be a slave.

After we finished, I came to the conclusion that God was right.  A family Bible study is a good thing.  I want my children to grow up knowing we tried everything we could to lead them to the Lord and live as shining examples of who Godly parents are.